BAE Conducts Flight Tests with VMETRO's SANbric Rugged Storage System

BAE Systems has conducted and successfully completed a series of flight tests using VMETRO’s SANbric Rugged Storage System. The SANbric provides storage for high speed data recording, archival, and playback analysis of flight test data acquired during deployment of an imaging system. During the tests, the SANbric storage module and shock isolation unit were mounted in an imaging system pod in the pallet bay of the aircraft.

The SANbric Fibre Channel Storage Area Network subsystem demonstrates VMETRO’s innovative approach to deploying high-speed, streaming data recording applications in all environments. The SANbric removable storage module provides 1.8TB of storage capacity in no more than 4U or 7″ of shelf space. Utilizing a shock isolation frame, the SANbric is designed to tolerate the shock, vibration, altitude and temperatures associated with flight test conditions.

“The design of the SANbric, by optimizing size, weight and power constraints, is ideally suited for UAV and other airborne applications. Successful flight testing of the SANbric proves VMETRO’s ability to deploy storage and recording solutions in the most demanding mission critical environments,” Says Tom Bohman, Vice President of Business Development at VMETRO, Inc.

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