ATEME Launches VSIP2 Mono Channel IP Compact Audio-Video Encoder in H.264

ATEME a world-leading provider of MPEG-4 and H.264 video security solutions today is excited to announce the launch of VSIP2, a mono channel IP compact audio/video encoder, in H.264.

ATEME VSIP2 Mono Channel IP Compact Audio-Video Encoder in H.264

Thanks to its experience as leader in H.264 compression in the Broadcast & Broadband market in addition to important efforts and investment, ATEME has been able to design a new generation of compact and cost effective solutions for the Video Surveillance market.

VSIP2 provides the customer with a flexible solution incorporating a complete set of features: high video quality in H.264 at low bit rates, easy integration and interoperability with all the standard H.264 players on the market (VLC(TM), Apple QuickTime(TM)…).

VSIP2 is available in three form-factors, depending on the customer’s requirements: hardware for manufacturers, stand-alone or blade (for large installations). Indeed, VSIP2 can be purchased as a reference design. A benefit of this product is that ATEME can also supply it in large volumes. Its small form factor is a perfect fit where space is limited, up to 20 VSIP2 units can be installed into a 3U rack.

The VSIP2 board provides a complete software, hardware and application bundle that includes many advanced functionalities: On Screen Display, IP tunnelling to control PTZ cameras, alarms…, as well as top of the range video quality. Every VSIP2 is delivered with a PC SDK (Software Development Kit) to enable an easy integration with existing supervisor systems. Based on DSP technology, every VSIP2 can be upgraded from MPEG-4 to H.264 (with or without AAC Audio, depending on the customer’s need). This upgrade is purely software and does not require any hardware redesign.

VSIP2 includes “best-in-class” H.264 video compression, ensuring an excellent image quality and enabling full frame rates at low bit rates. H.264 encoding reduces by 25% the bandwidth for the same video quality as MPEG-4. Moreover, ATEME’s H.264 implementation introduces features that improve the encoding quality: the deblocking filter reduces the blocks on the picture (Baseline feature), the field mode encoding (Main Profile feature) improves interlaced video processing and CABAC (Baseline feature), which is an entropy encoding mode, allows an even more efficient compression. The number of cameras deployed increases day by day and it is coming impossible for operators to follow them in real time. The H.264 is definitively the solution to drastically reduce storage space required, without compromising quality (50% better than MPEG-2).

“I’m very impressed by the strong effort that has been put in to optimise our H.264 implementation to match the requirement of the video security market. Our goals were reached outside of our expectations with high picture quality, low latency and special features dedicated to the security market. We have begun our main deployments for major traffic management projects and transport surveillance systems with excellent feedback from the market,” says Thierry Tourneux, Video Security Strategic Business Unit Director at ATEME.

Live demonstrations of the new encoder will be available at the ASIS show in San Diego, CA, September 25-28 on Clarity Design’s booth (#4566).

ATEME is a world-leading provider of MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 video compression solutions. The superior quality of its encoding technology makes it the best choice for demanding mobile to HD applications. ATEME’s customers benefit from the highest quality video at the lowest bit rates.