ATEME Completes MPEG-4 Interoperability Tests with HFR

ATEME, a leading provider of MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 live encoders and storage encoders, successfully completed interoperability tests with HIKE1819 from HFR. HIKE1819 IP-Set-top-box delivers standard definition video and includes FEC (Forward Error Correction) and MPEG-2 TS quality index management for IPTV service quality monitoring.

ATEME announced today that it has engaged in a wide qualification and interoperability testing effort with available MPEG-4 decoding solutions. This process covers in particular the ability of the decoding solution to support all tools of the MPEG-4 standard – as used in a best-in-class encoder implementation, the robustness to network failures – most important to IPTV customers, and for HD decoders the rendering capabilities with commercially available HD displays.

The proven interoperability with outstanding picture quality of Ateme encoders and HFR’s HIKE1819 enable significant time saving and risk reduction for Telcos, cable or satellite operators to deploy MPEG-4 AVC based services.

ATEME’s MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 video compression solutions will be demonstrated:

InterBEE 2006 show – November 15-17, 2006
Chiba City, Japan, on Ateme booth (# 6210)

About HFR
HFR,Inc. provides QoS Measurement and Monitoring Solution of multimedia service including internet and wireless network and is a challenging player of IPTV market with IP-STB and relevant solution. HFR,Inc. pursues to create Resonant Networking which guarantees ideal communication and information exchange between the people who use information equipments and the equipments themselves. Resonant networking is ubiquitous and convergence for always-on usage.

ATEME is a world-leading provider of MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 video compression solutions. The superior quality of its encoding technology makes it the best choice for demanding mobile to HD applications. ATEME’s customers benefit from the highest quality video at the lowest bit rates.