SIDSA Takes Leading Role in International Mobile TV Industry

SIDSA is in the forefront of the International mobile TV business. Its POLAR Plus platform has proved to be a real success at the IBC show’06 being the first global and fully integrated solution in the market to allow DVB-H mobile TV transmissions.

SIDSA, the international provider of Digital TV, IPTV, Mobile TV and broadband solutions, products and services, is making a full-frontal assault on the International mobile TV market at a time when the mobile TV business is already taking off. The Spanish company has been the first to launch a fully integrated mobile TV platform, called Polar Plus, which includes all the necessary equipment –from network, Headend to the Conditional Access System- to allow DVB-H mobile TV transmissions.

SIDSA’s POLAR Plus platform was a sensation at the recent IBC show’06, in Amsterdam, as it successfully broadcast free-to-air five different channels (Nederland 2, CNN International, BBC World, Discovery Channel and off-line content) covering the whole IBC exhibition area.

SIDSA’s platform, which is fully compliant to the DVB standards, showed interoperability among the different DVB-H enabled devices that were shown during the IBC and made clear that DVB-H mobile TV transmissions are currently a reality. This experience came at a time when Italy has recently seen the successful roll-out of two DVB-H services in time for the FIFA World Cup and when other countries, such as Finland, Germany, the US and the Russian Federation, are preparing for the launch of DVB-H commercial services.

SIDSA to break into Russia
SIDSA is fully breaking into the Russian Federation mobile TV market by providing its first commercial mobile TV network. The service, to be launched in April next year in the region of Sverdlovsk will offer 15 TV channels using DVB-H technology. SIDSA will provide the DVB-H platform, the Headend equipment and the Conditional Access System. The service will be on trial in the city of Ekaterinburg from November this year to March in a pre-commercial period using 100 DVB-H mobile phones, 50 DVB-H USB receivers to be plugged into laptops, 50 DVB-H SDIO receivers for PDAs and 100 PMP (Portable Media Players). SIDSA will provide the DVB-H platform which will allow to distribute interactive services ; the Headend equipment , the Polar Plus platform ; and the Conditional Access System, KeyFly + mobile, which enables to offer pay-TV services.

International alliance with leading DVB-H companies
SIDSA has strengthened its leading position in the mobile TV market with an International alliance with global leaders in DVB-H products and services that will allow to accelerate mobile TV revenues. As a result of that agreement, SIDSA has just launched TrustVision(TM) Managed Services, a network of leading DVB-H experts whose partnership will revolutionise the way wireless and broadcast operators can deliver and market Mobile TV Services. It will enable operators to unleash the full revenue potential of Mobile TV with minimal capital outlay and risk, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Based on feedback and demand from the wireless operators, broadcasters and end-user communities, SIDSA has developed TrustVision MS to provide wireless and broadcast operators with a fully-managed single interface to all the elements of the mobile TV value chain for the first time.

The solution comprises three key components:

  • TrustVision Terminal and Network, which comprises:
    • the POLARplus System (including the full range of core Digital TV Broadcast and Headend Equipment and middleware)
    • the Loren TV integration ready solution for terminals (comprising DVB-H chipsets, MW and Mobile TV application for handheld devices by Nextreaming)
  • a suite of consumer and enterprise TrustVision Middleware and Applications: fromTrickle Casting to Mobile TV Content Delivery and Publication Browsers, accessible either through mobile terminals or specialised devices
  • TrustVision Support
  • SIDSA’s partnership with leading vendors (initially including LambdStream, Nextreaming, Mier Comunicaciones and Opera Wireless) gives operators access to a combined total of over 20 years’ experience in the wireless and TV market, and more than 200 staff dedicated to mobile TV.

This adds up to the broadest base of mobile TV technology, services, applications, support and expertise currently available. Yet TrustVision MS dramatically simplifies the value chain, and offers a full range of flexible business models to effectively mitigate operator risk – from white label to revenue share.

SIDSA’s core location technology lies at the heart of TrustVision MS. Its POLARplus System (Digital TV Broadcast and Headend Equipment and middleware), which adapts, manages, protects and transmits TV content from content providers to devices in the field, is a proven product on the market to support DVB-H technology and standards, as well as provide conditional access services over broadcast, 2G and 3G networks.

It integrates seamlessly with operators’ existing infrastructure and applications, allowing them to use the most appropriate technology and components for each application in every environment – both now and in the future. The TrustVision offering provides a clear migration path from home TV to personal TV, which is currently trend in internet, wireless and media services worldwide. And thanks to its market-leading network monitoring and performance enhancement solutions, TrustVision MS can deliver improved throughput, reliability and performance to any network’s core technologies.

SIDSA currently has offices in Spain and US and it is planning to open delegations ins the short term in Russia and Dubai, and will be supporting the launch of TrustVision MS with a global marketing and sales drive.

Polar Plus Digital TV platforms
Apart from mobile TV, the company is also playing a key role in the fields of DTT, IPTV and CAS. Concerning Digital TV and Mobile TV, the company provides end-to-end solutions for launching mobile television and terrestrial services based on DVB-H, DVB-T: network infrastructure, headend and devices belong to SIDSA’s mobile and DTT profile.

As for IPTV, SIDSA offers complete solutions for launching services over IP. SIDSA has just released a new professional receiver-gateway enabled to receive encrypted services: Ether TV Common Interface board which is fully integrated to SIDSA’s Polar Plus IPTV headend.

Keyfly Conditional Access System
SIDSA has a considerable background in conditional access systems (CAS) and a solid expertise in security. Under these premises, SIDSA presents the KeyFly family of products, the most secure and flexible content protection that allows launching value-added services in different fields:

  • KeyFly(TM) IP: CAS for IPTV
  • KeyFly(TM)+mobile: CAS for mobile TV services
  • KeyFly(TM) terrestrial: CAS for traditional digital broadcasting: Digital terrestrial, satellite and cable

SIDSA (Semiconductores Investigación y Diseño SA) is an international Provider of Global Solutions, Products and Services in the fields of Digital TV, IP TV, Mobile TV, Conditional Access systems and Broadband. It offers a wide range of multimedia products: from its own System on Chip (SoC) integrated circuits to global and vertical integrated solutions to its customers, allowing them to get the best of it and generating new profitable business models. Created in 1992, initially as a Design House of Semiconductor components and ASICs (Custom integrated circuits), SIDSA has become a highly reputed international provider with a design centre in Tres Cantos (Madrid) and offices in The Silicon Valley, California.