TI's DaVinci Technology Powers ARCHOS Video Players

Continuing to spur growth in the portable media market, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today announced that a new latest dual-core processor based on DaVinci(TM) technology is powering the latest line of ARCHOS portable multimedia players, the 404, 504 and 604. The new digital media processor based on DaVinci technology offers reduced power consumption and an exceptional combination of audio, video, imaging and system control functionality for the portable media player (PMP) market, which ARCHOS has leveraged to create some of the thinnest, lightest and lowest priced portable video players on the market.

Early reviews indicate that the new ARCHOS PMP combine the right mix of high-quality video, battery life, sleek design and advanced features to drive consumer demand. The five new ARCHOS products provide slim form factors with the 404 and 404 Camcorder, extreme capacity with the 160GB 504, and the latest innovations with the 604 and 604 Wi-Fi. The ARCHOS 404 and 604 are among the brightest screens in the industry, offering more than 16 million colors.

“The performance and features of TI’s DaVinci technology-based media processor enabled us to create innovative products that are responsive and easy to use with excellent, DVD-quality, video performance across multiple coding standards,” said Henri Crohas, founder and chief executive officer, ARCHOS.

DaVinci Technology for the Portable Media Market
The new DaVinci technology-based media processor consists of an ARM9(R) and TMS320C64x+(TM) digital signal processor (DSP) core plus video/imaging co-processors, offering a highly optimized solution for the portable media market. This scaleable processor allows manufacturers to integrate additional functionality on the same platform, simplifying design and streamlining production time to build a full line of products. TI’s extensive portfolio of DaVinci technology-based products provides an important migration path for developers, enabling them to easily scale their investments in video processing across product lines.

“ARCHOS was able to quickly develop innovative products that maximize the flexibility and performance of our DaVinci technology,” said Greg Delagi, vice president, Digital Signal Processing Systems, TI. “As the pioneer of the PMP market, ARCHOS is the ideal company to bring TI’s latest video-focused technology to market with a wide variety of compelling products that meet and exceed consumer demand.”

TI’s new DaVinci technology-based media processors offers various peripherals, including USB 2.0 high-speed device and host, hard disk drive (HDD) interface, on-screen display capabilities and liquid crystal display (LCD) interface, all used in the PMP market. To help extend battery life, the processor supports multiple core voltages and power domains, allowing the system to lower power consumption by “turning off” inactive functions. It also supports DVD-quality video in all of the most common standards, including MPEG4, MPEG2, WMV9 and H.264. In addition, ARCHOS leveraged other areas of TI’s digital and analog expertise for these new portable media players, including power management, microcontroller and logic devices.

TI’s Industry-Leading DaVinci Technology
DaVinci processors are built on the industry’s highest-performance DSP platform, TI’s TMS320C6000(TM), leveraging TI’s newest C64x+ DSP core. The DaVinci technology-based processors consist of scalable, programmable systems-on-chips (SoCs) tailored from DSP and ARM cores, accelerators and peripherals that are optimized to match price, performance and feature requirements for a broad spectrum of digital video end equipments. The support system for DaVinci technology includes an end-to-end video ecosystem, system integrators, hardware and software solution providers with DaVinci technology knowledge and video system expertise to accelerate product introductions. The portfolio of products based on DaVinci technology includes processors, software, tools and support, addressing digital video requirements across a range of applications.