Downloadable Simulator and Spice Models for PowerBlox ICs

Sipex Corporation (OTC: SIPX.PK), today announced the addition of a downloadable simulator and Spice models for its PowerBlox(TM) integrated circuits, allowing the designer to conduct simulations without the requirement of an internet connection. The Spice models can also be integrated into the customer’s existing simulator enabling the simulation of the complete system.

“The addition of these state-of-the-art simulation tools is one more way we are supporting our customers, recognizing that in today’s environment, design cycles have been greatly reduced,” said Dimitry Goder, vice president of applications at Sipex. “We are continuing to develop tools which will enable our customers to understand design performance prior to building prototypes and manufacturing, resulting in faster, zero error designs.”

These simulation tools allow users to access quick-start reference schematics, as well as an option for specific output requirements and other user-defined choices. Once the input requirements are entered the user will be presented with a solution that is properly compensated and will have all of the peripheral components properly calculated. The schematics may then be opened in the downloadable power simulator tool. The new downloadable simulation tools and Spice models are available on the Sipex website.

About Sipex Corporation
Sipex Corporation is an analog semiconductor company that addresses standard linear and application specific standard products (ASSP) for customer systems that are primarily targeted at the consumer, networking and industrial markets. The products are categorized into three synergistic areas of power management, interface and optical storage. Sipex is a global company with operations in Asia, Europe and North America. It is the mission of the company to create innovative analog products that enable customers to produce differentiated products.

PowerBlox is a trademark of Sipex Corporation.