Tundra Semiconductor Expands in Asia-Pacific Region with Nu Horizons

Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX: TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, today announced as part of its on-going growth strategy in Asia-Pacific region, a distribution agreement with its new partner Nu Horizons Electronics Asia Pte Ltd. Nu Horizon Asia Pte Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nu Horizons Electronics Corp (NASDAQ: NUHC), a leading global distributor of advanced technology active components and systems. Under the agreement, Nu Horizons Asia will promote and distribute Tundra’s full range of System Interconnect products throughout the region, with the exception of Japan. The partnership is expected to strengthen the visibility of Tundra’s product portfolio to existing and new semiconductor and telecommunication customers.

The partnership combines Tundra’s industry-leading System Interconnect portfolio, particularly Tundra’s embedded host bridges for PowerPC(R), with Nu Horizons’ leading distribution capability for advanced technology active components, system solutions, and multiple product lines, including those from Tundra’s strategic partners, such as IBM. As one of the early contributors to Power.org, an open standards community built around chips and systems that use Power Architecture(TM) technology formed by IBM in late 2004, Tundra is an important enabler for PowerPC processors and plays a key role in the Power Architecture community. Partnering with Nu Horizons solidifies Tundra’s market position as the leading provider of System Interconnect in the region.

“Nu Horizons’ expertise with IBM PowerPC processors will enable Tundra customers to increase their access to PowerPC products that ensure the industry’s best performance, power and cost,” said John Hartley, Asia Sales Director, Tundra. “This is a win-win situation involving two leading semiconductor companies focusing on providing the best PowerPC System Interconnect solution and resources to an existing and growing customer base in the region.”

“Our broad base of customers, including those in high-growth markets using PowerPC products, will benefit from Tundra’s industry-leading System Interconnect products,” said Wendell Boyd, President, Nu Horizons Electronics Asia Pte Ltd. “The combination of Tundra’s strong vision and roadmaps, with their compelling portfolio of host bridges for PowerPC and RapidIO switches, makes us very confident that this partnership is a perfect fit for our customers in Asia.”

About Tundra Host Bridges for PowerPC(R)
Host bridges interconnect PowerPC processors with subsystems and are critical components in embedded designs. With over a decade of investment and experience supporting PowerPC-based designs, Tundra Host Bridges for PowerPC have been widely adopted by market leaders. Tundra Host Bridges include, the Tsi107(TM), Tsi108(TM), Tsi109(TM), and Tsi110(TM), and are regarded as the best companion chips for the industry’s leading PowerPC processor vendors – Freescale Semiconductor and IBM. The Tsi109 supports dual processors and supports several I/O peripherals – PCI, PCI-X, DDR2 Memory, and Gigabit Ethernet. To maintain software investment and accelerated development cycles, the Tsi109 is software and pin compatible with the Tsi108. The Tsi109 optimizes overall system performance, power and cost, while offering the industry’s best signal integrity.

About Tundra
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN) is the global leader in System Interconnect providing world-class support and leading edge semiconductor solutions to the world’s foremost communications, networking, storage system, and information technology vendors. Consistently delivering on system level performance promises that reduce time to market, Tundra System Interconnect ensures market advantage in wireless infrastructure, storage networking, network access, military, industrial automation, and information technology applications. Silicon Logic Engineering, Inc. (SLE), Tundra’s semiconductor design services division, offers industry-leading ASIC design services, semiconductor intellectual property and product development consulting.

About Nu Horizons Electronics Asia Pte Ltd.
Nu Horizons Electronics Asia Pte Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nu Horizons Corp, a global distributor of advanced technology active components and system solutions. Headquartered in Singapore, Nu Horizons has sales facilities in 17 regional locations including: Victoria (Australia/New Zealand) Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan (China); Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi (India); Penang (Malaysia); Singapore; Seoul (South Korea); Taipei (Taiwan) and Bangkok (Thailand).

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