Pioneer Strengthens PureVision High-Definition Plasma Lineup

Pioneer Corporation announced today that the company will introduce two “PureVision” high-definition plasma TVs equipped with its proprietary technology “New P.U.R.E.(*1) Black Panel” to strengthen its PureVision plasma lineup. The PDP-607HX, 60-inch high-definition plasma TV, is the largest model in the current Pioneer PureVision series, and PDP-427HXD, 42-inch high-definition plasma TV, employs a new sophisticated design. The PDP-607HX will be available in the end of October for a suggested retail price of 800,000 yen (including tax). The PDP-427HXD will be available in the end of September with no retail price suggested.

As the age of digital high-definition broadcasting moves into high gear, the Japanese domestic plasma TV market in 2006 is expected to balloon to 680,000 units(*2), an increase of 45% from the previous year. By December 2006, the number of households in Japan capable of receiving terrestrial digital broadcasts will have risen to 38.5 million, or about 82% of the total households(*3). An environment for enjoying high-definition programs at home is gradually taking shape.

To respond to the needs of this era of digital broadcasting, Pioneer has developed the “New P.U.R.E. Black Panel”, a plasma panel that realizes the industry-leading levels of color reproducibility(*4), and the “New P.U.R.E. Drive II”, a fully-digitalized video signal processing to maximize the performances of the new plasma panel. Plus, the new plasma TVs feature a variety of easy-to-use features including “Recorder Hot Link”(*5) and “Quick Program Search”. Thus, the Pioneer new plasma TVs, PDP-607HX and PDP-427HXD, enable users to fully enjoy video contents with greater picture quality through improved ease of operation.

Main Features:

1) “New P.U.R.E. Black Panel” realizes the reproduction of “blacker blacks”, offering the industry-leading levels(*4) of color reproducibility

  • The industry-leading levels of color reproducibility of the plasma panel enable more vivid images to be reproduced with a sense of reality and depth, irrespectively of viewing angels. For the PDP-607HX, it’s the highest in the industry(*4).
  • Owing to the Crystal Emissive Layer which realizes high luminance efficiency and highly-stabilized discharge operation, “blacker blacks” and details of dark areas often found in movie scenes are well reproduced.
  • Adopting the Direct Color Filter, which is directly affixed to the plasma panel, has eliminated a glass for the front filter. This Pioneer proprietary technology significantly has reduced the deterioration of focus quality caused by multiple reflections previously generated between the front filter glass and the plasma panel. Moreover, as reducing the ambient light reflection rate and heightening color reproducibility, the Direct Color Filter technology allows viewers to enjoy images that are sharper, crispier and more vivid even in bright environments. In addition, the elimination of a glass for the front filter enables Pioneer to offer the industry’s lightest plasma TVs PDP-607HX and PDP-427HXD in over-55-inch and 42-inch classes, respectively(*6).

2) “New P.U.R.E. Drive II”, fully-digitalized video signal processing for high picture quality, to maximize the performances of the new plasma panel.

The New P.U.R.E. Drive II includes:

  • Intelligent Color automatically optimizes the color details in accordance with images to be reproduced, allowing viewers to enjoy ideal images, such as skin with natural textures and fresh green lawns with vivid coloration.
  • Intelligent Dynamic Range Expander (Intelligent DRE) optimizes low brightness and sharpness to correct picture quality in real-time in accordance with images to be reproduced. This function makes it possible to reproduce details such as individual blades of green lawns with a crisp, contrastive picture quality on the screen.
  • Block Noise Reduction (BNR), Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), and MPEG Noise Reduction (MPEG-NR) ensure reproduction of clear, noiseless images.
  • Flex Clear Drive technology achieves high density, smooth color gradation expression by automatically analyzing the characteristics of images and adjusting the distribution of color gradations. For the PDP-607HX, high-speed video processing has been realized by employing high-quality picture technology optimized for this model.

3) “New P.U.R.E. Sound” system for achieving high quality sound reproduction befitting the era of digital broadcasting.

The new P.U.R.E. Sound technology, which has been developed based on the high quality sound technology that Pioneer has cultivated over the years, ensures both high fidelity sound reproduction for movies and music, and easy-to-listen sound reproduction appropriate for television viewing. The users can fully enjoy high quality digital broadcast sound with a sense of presence without any stress.

4) A variety of easy-to-use features including “Recorder Hot Link” and “Quick Program Search”

  • Recorder Hot Link for one-touch call-up of a Pioneer HDD/DVD recorder’s Disc Navigation screen(*5). This allows users to turn on the power of the Pioneer HDD/DVD recorder connected to a new PureVision plasma TV and display the Disc Navigation screen only by pressing the “Recorder Hot Link” button on the TV remote control.
  • Quick Program Search for single-button genre searches. This function allows the viewer to easily and quickly search for desired programs by using the genre buttons on the remote control: Movies/Music and Sports/Animation.
  • The remote control, where large channel buttons are employed, helps users’ easier operation. Plus, the user can control the basic operations of the DVD recorder or DVD player connected to the new plasma via the TV’s remote control, when presetting the DVD recorder/player manufacturer code.

5) 10-bit compatible HDMI(*7) terminals (x2) for high-definition digital inputs including 1080p sources

  • By supporting a 1080p/24-Hz input, the new plasma displays also allow users to enjoy 1080p/24-Hz sources (ex. Blu-ray Disc titles).
  • The 10-bit compatible HDMI terminal enables the new plasma TVs to perform full-time 10-bit process from signal input to video display, allowing finer gray-scale expression.

6) Lowest levels of power consumption and lightest weight in the industry(*6)

  • The New P.U.R.E. Black Panel, highly efficient luminance technology, and other various power-saving technologies allow the new PureVision plasma PDP-607HX to consume the lowest power in the industry among 60-inch plasma TVs (annual power consumption: 480 kWh/hr, rated power consumption: 468 W). The PDP-427HXD realizes the industry’s lowest rated power consumption among 42-inch plasma TVs.
  • The two new plasma TVs realize the lightest weight in the industry in over 55-inch and 42-inch classes, respectively:
    PDP-607HX: 56.3 kg (including the display and speakers) and PDP-427HXD: 29.0 kg

7) Double Digital Tuner for Terrestrial digital, BS digital, and CS digital broadcasts

While viewing a digital broadcast on the plasma TV, the user can record another digital broadcast on a DVD recorder or video cassette recorder connected to the plasma. In addition, the split-screen function allows the user to simultaneously enjoy two different digital broadcasts on the same screen of the plasma TV.

8) Sophisticated, simple design

The Pioneer new plasmas use the simple-design concept- a perfect match for a comfortable, high-quality living space. The PDP-427HXD has a new, elegant frame with chamfered edges.

9) Additional functions that pursue “ease of use” and the “spirit of non-compromise”

  • Sports Mode vividly reproduces grass and enhances handling of rapid movement.
  • Expanded Electronic Program Guide is suitable for large screen plasma TVs. TV Programs for the user’s favorite eight digital broadcast channels are displayed on the entire PDP screen. The EPG function for analog broadcasts supports the G-Guide(*8) technology.
  • Multi-Screen makes full use of the large screen to display images in 50/50 split screen or P-in-P.
  • SRS WOW(*9) features three surround modes to deliver true-to-life reproduction of sound.
  • Home Gallery displays high-quality JPEG images stored in a digital camera or memory card through USB interface.

*1 “P.U.R.E” is abbreviation of Plasma Ultimate Reference Exclusive.
*2 According to the prediction made by JEITA.
*3 According to the report made by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
*4 Among home-use plasma TVs for the Japanese market, as of September 14, 2006 (according to Pioneer survey)
*5 Recorder Hot Link is applicable to Pioneer HDD/DVD recorders manufactured in 2002 or later.
*6 As of September 14, 2006.(according to Pioneer survey)
*7 HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI, HDMI logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.
*8 The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) uses the G-GUIDE technology developed by Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. G-GUIDE is an EPG service provided by Interactive Program Guide Inc. based on the technology developed by Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.
*9 SRS and WOW are trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc.

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G-GUIDE and G-GUIDE logo are registered trademarks of Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.