PageOne Unveils Oventus for Text Messaging Software Developers

PageOne, the UK’s foremost supplier of wireless messaging technology and services, today announces the launch of its new online community website for software developers, Named after PageOne’s award winning, multi-platform messaging platform Oventus, the website has been created to act as a “one stop shop” for developers. It will provide them with a wealth of information, tools, examples and support for integrating messaging functionality into their own applications. aims to facilitate an online information zone where developers looking to embed messaging solutions within an application, can interact and exchange information whilst having access to PageOne’s extensive knowledgebase and development tools. Key amongst these tools is a specially developed “SOAP” software tool that enables developers to rigorously test, and scrutinise coding prior to deployment. Developers have the added bonus of being able to use the website to contact PageOne’s development support team for additional information.

Oventus is utilised by hundreds of organisations across the UK to supply high-capacity mobile messaging for their businesses. Network independent, Oventus enables seamless integration of messaging to all worldwide GSM networks, UK paging and email clients. Utilising connectivity API’s such as SMTP, SNPP, SMPP and SOAP/XML protocols, Oventus can support a wide range of message input sources from dial-up, IP to sophisticated XML solutions for web-based and desktop messaging.

Clair Cawley, Marketing Manager for PageOne said. “Today, technology can offer an extensive choice of communication methods. The challenge facing most organisations is how to create a smooth, glitch-free interaction between this myriad of hardware devices. With we have created a resource that developers can utilise to achieve exactly that. Email, mobile phones, pagers and PDAs can now all be connected with ease through Oventus. If you want direct, desktop text messaging included in a company wide application or include multi-directional communication within a web-based, field sales staff management tool, will provide developers with everything they need.

About PageOne
PageOne has been providing award winning wireless messaging solutions for nearly 20 years and has established a track record of leading the field in the introduction of innovative products and services. PageOne owns and operates a UK wide paging network and provides business SMS messaging solutions; PageOne Paging and PageOne Connect respectively.

All PageOne systems are powered by the company’s own flexible platform Oventus, developed to enable the seamless integration of mobile messaging across different networks and technologies. These services have consistently been designed to meet and exceed the demands of an increasingly mobile environment, providing reliable and cost effective communications to thousands of organisations across the government, NHS and major corporate sectors.