e-con Systems Targets Pollution with Windows CE Custom Mobile Device

e-con Systems, a leading Product Development services company in embedded domain, has signed up with a customer based in Bangalore, India, to design and develop a custom hand-held unit powered by Windows CE 5.0 for pollution level measurement equipments, manufactured by the customer.

This unit is a direct customization of e-con’s fully functional Sirius Reference Platform. E-con shall also develop complete Application development with SQL/CE reports for the customer, providing end-to-end product development services. The current Sirius platform shall be modified to support 1.3/2.0 Mega pixel CMOS Image sensor camera, USB printer support, and Bluetooth/Zigbee interface according to customer requirements. E-con has already demonstrated the proof-of-concept unit using the current Sirius Reference platform to the customer.

This contract signifies the Outsourced Product Development services from e-con and also endorses its commercialization of its Sirius platform for faster and efficient product development.

About Sirius
Sirius is a Reference Platform designed to cater various requirements such as handheld data logging/cash transaction terminals, Video conferencing terminals, Video streaming nodes, Portable media players, surveillance terminals and information kiosks etc. This board is designed around Intel Xscale PXA270 processor running at 520MHz and is powered by Linux 2.6 and Windows CE 5.0 and reduces the time-to-market for customer’s products.

About e-con Systems
e-con Systems, an Embedded Product Development Partner based in Chennai, founded in October 2003, to provide World-class Design and Development services to its customers. e-con offers turn-key solutions to it’s customers in the Embedded Systems Domain such as Wired/Wireless Networking, Consumer Appliances, Medical and Process Control Applications, Video streaming, Bio-metric security and Surveillance Applications etc. Offering services as below:

  • Firmware design and development
  • Linux, WinCE/Windows Mobile and VxWorks Board Support Packages
  • Device Drivers for Windows, Linux, WinCE/Windows Mobile and VxWorks
  • DSP Firmware on TI/ADI DSP’s
  • Application development
  • Hardware and PCB Design
  • Board Bring up
  • Manufacturing support