Cadence Introduces Incisive Design Team Xtreme III Systems

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), the leader in global electronic-design innovation, today announced the introduction of Cadence(R) Incisive(R) Design Team Xtreme III Systems, the next generation of the Incisive Xtreme series of accelerator/emulators within the Incisive functional verification platform. Developed with the design engineer in mind, Xtreme III Systems combine the power and speed of hardware assisted verification with ease of use for simulation savvy designers.

Xtreme III Systems dramatically simplify the ability to move to and from simulation and acceleration engines, integrate verification management and debug environments, and support advanced verification methodologies such as assertion-based and transaction-based acceleration. Xtreme III, the highest density (volume per gates) acceleration/emulation system, offers twice the performance of Xtreme Server with 10-100,000 times the simulation performance gain, supporting up to 72M gates in a single chassis.

“During the development of our successful OpenSPARC project, we experienced double the performance using Cadence Incisive Xtreme III Systems over Cadence’s Xtreme Server product,” said Shrenik Mehta, senior director, Front End Technologies and OpenSPARC program, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “We successfully employed Xtreme Server platform on our CoolThreads UltraSPARC T1 processor to run trillions of verification cycles and to boot the Solaris Operating System prior to committing the design to silicon.”

The simulation-like, event-driven environment of Xtreme III provides a host of verification process automation capabilities for design teams. These capabilities include integration with Incisive Design Team Manager for plan- and metric-driven closure management, integration with the Incisive SimVision simulation debug environment, and support of SystemVerilog Assertions and SystemVerilog Direct Programming Interface. In addition, an enhanced compatibility mode emulates the Incisive Design Team Simulator and supports its compile scripts. The hot-swap capability between the simulator and the accelerator, VCD-on-Demand, and the inclusion of behavioral language processors help design teams migrate from simulation to Xtreme III Systems.

A new concurrent mode allows designers to run their transaction-based acceleration environment with SCE-MI 1.1 approaching maximum emulation speed. The robust verification IP portfolio of the Incisive platform allows Xtreme III Systems users to access the Incisive Assertion Library, popular bus-protocol transactors, as well as a rich library of SpeedBridge rate adapters.

“The proliferation of system-on-chips and the explosion of verification complexity have resulted in a thirst for more performance at the designer’s desktop,” said Steve Glaser, corporate vice president of marketing, Verification Division. “The Xtreme III series was developed specifically to deliver acceleration to a broad set of design engineers by making it easy for them to use the advanced verification methodologies required to reach predictable verification closure.”

Xtreme III Systems are offered in two tiers: Xtreme III Desktop, an entry level product that supports simulation, acceleration and targetless emulation, and Xtreme III System that also offers in-circuit emulation capabilities. Both systems can accommodate up to 12 users simultaneously making them the premier acceleration/emulation offering for the entire design team.

Limited quantities of the systems are currently available. Full release is scheduled for the end of year.

About Cadence
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