Parco to Release Next Generation Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Tracking System

Parco Wireless, the leading provider to healthcare of real time tracking technology, has unveiled plans for the release of a new product line based upon its next generation of ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking systems.

According to Parco’s founder and CEO Scott Cohen, the new systems should begin to appear at client hospitals by the end of the year. Called “Précis” (pronounced “prey-sis”), the new line of products includes the latest achievements in active RFID technology. States Mr. Cohen, “this new product offering represents a major shift in the way tracking will be accomplished in the future. Historically we believed we presented the most robust tracking solutions available to hospitals. Even so, the market demanded overall improvement in what we offered. Our new Précis product line represents marked improvement in tag and receiver designs, as well as enhanced performance capabilities when compared to our earlier systems,” Mr. Cohen then adds, “Hospitals will be very pleased with both the costs of these newer systems and the better performance they can expect.”

Précis incorporates Time Domain Corporation’s Pulson(TM) ultra-wideband technologies in its design. The new line will include a full suite of products that include assets tags, patient wristbands, personnel badges and two design type readers.

According to company leadership, the new Précis tags and receivers will help dispel all misconceptions about the higher cost of implementing a UWB tracking system. While the cost of UWB tracking technologies were historically higher when compared to competing technologies such as Infrared (IR) or WiFi systems, many hospitals felt compelled to hold off on implementing a UWB active RFID tracking system despite the superior benefits UWB systems offered. “Hospitals will no longer need to compromise performance, accuracy, and reliability for costs to acquire a tracking system,” states Michael Farnsworth, the chief software architect behind Précis. He adds that “In the past IR and WiFi made it easy to buy because of the low cost. But many hospitals came away disappointed with the performance they were seeing with these technologies. They liked what they saw with Parco’s performance capabilities, but were put off by the higher costs.” Citing tags that now cost around $19, Farnsworth concludes, “Précis is now affordable for any size hospital, it will outperform any tracking technology out there. Compromise is no longer necessary.”

The entire Précis line has been designed from the ground up to support various installations in the healthcare field. The new Précis readers are aesthetically designed for hospital and clinical environments. Receivers casually blend into the hospital environment using an innovative ceiling mount design that works with most acoustic and hard plaster ceilings.

The various Précis tags revolve around a basic yet versatile design that makes them suitable for mounting to moveable assets, attaching to patient wristbands, or to caregivers. They report location data once every second with over 98% reliability.

The locations of the tags are tracked by UWB readers installed at fixed locations within a medical facility providing the location of patients, caregivers, and equipment within accuracy of 1.5 feet. The tags use extremely low-power as evidenced by their average life of over four years using a single 3 volt battery.

All Parco Précis products are branded with the PulsON Powered(TM) certification mark which identifies them as genuine, licensed Time Domain UWB products employing Time Domain’s patented PulsON(R) technology. The Parco Wireless products are available through technology wholesalers such as CDW and healthcare information system developers such as Patient Care Technology Systems. A full list of authorized resellers and developers is available on Parco’s website.