msystems mDOC Offers MLC NAND Support for Freescale 3G MXC Platform

msystems (NASDAQ:FLSH), a leader in smart personal storage, today announced that the company’s mDOC is to provide handset vendors designing with Freescale’s MXC300-30 3G platform access to cost-effective multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash in an easy-to-integrate, power-efficient, high-density, bootable storage solution. Freescale’s MXC300-30 platform provides a comprehensive UMTS/HSDPA solution including integrated baseband and applications processor, RF transceiver, power amplifier and power management IC.

With mDOC, mobile handset vendors working with Freescale’s MXC300-30 platform have a pre-integrated boot and storage solution based on advanced MLC NAND flash media.

“As application requirements become more memory-intensive and storage demands increase, system designers look to NAND flash media advancements as a way to cut costs,” said Jose Corleto, Systems & Architecture Manager, Modem Products Division for Freescale Semiconductor. “Typically, advancements such as MLC NAND with its inherent complexity in hardware and device driver software can increase the risk to a project’s success. As an MXC-validated solution, msystems’ mDOC minimizes such risk and allows OEMs to tap into the latest flash technology to help lower their bill of materials.”

mDOC with TrueFFS flash management technology ensures high levels of performance and reliability and enables boot capability from the MLC NAND flash media, lowering overall cost and design complexity.

“Our work in support of Freescale’s MXC300-30 platform helps provide our respective customers with turnkey access to MLC NAND flash media for their mobile handset products,” said David Tolub, corporate vice president and co-manager of the msystems Mobile Handset Vendor division. “Furthermore, Freescale customers can rest assured that mDOC, as a validated component within the MXC architecture, is an easy-to-integrate boot and storage solution that offers high levels of performance and reliability.”

Freescale MXC solutions
The revolutionary MXC300-30 platform, with integrated support for msystems’ mDOC, is part of the Mobile eXtreme Convergence family of platforms from Freescale. The single core modem processor at the heart of the MXC platforms combines, yet de-correlates, the DSP call processing functions and the MCU applications processing into a single processor for a separate, clean development and optimization of each function.

About msystems
msystems has been transforming raw flash material into smarter storage solutions since 1989. From embedded flash drives deployed in millions of mobile handsets to U3 USB smart drives designed for leading global brands, msystems creates, develops, manufactures and markets smart personal storage solutions for a myriad of applications targeting high growth markets.