Defence Procurement Agency Adds ARTiSAN Studio to MODAF Approved List

ARTiSAN Software Tools, a global leader for UML 2.0 and SysML software modelling tools, has announced that the Defence Procurement Agency, an executive agency of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), has added ARTiSAN Studio to the approved list of tools for the MOD Architectural Framework (MODAF).

“We are extremely pleased that ARTiSAN Studio has been added to the approved list of tools for MODAF,” said Jeremy Goulding President and CEO of ARTiSAN Software Tools. “The move means that ARTiSAN Studio is now one of the few tools officially considered MODAF convergent and therefore approved for immediate use as a de-facto standard for business and capability modelling.”

MODAF is being adopted within the MOD in order realise a more coherent and integrated approach to the acquisition, management and operation of military capability. It does this by providing a framework for developing architectures that provide a means to model, understand, analyse and specify capabilities, systems, systems-of-systems (SoS) and business processes. MODAF may be applied across a wide variety of MOD processes including: capability management, acquisition, operational analysis, planning and through-life management. MODAF has been developed from the US Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF). MODAF keeps compatibility with the core DoDAF viewpoints in order to facilitate exchange of architectural information with the US, for example in conducting international interoperability analyses. However, MODAF has supplemented DoDAF with two new viewpoints that better support MOD processes and lifecycles.

ARTiSAN Studio is an integrated suite of UML/SysML modelling tools targeted to meet the development needs of technical systems. By embracing the latest UML 2.0 and SysML standards, it is the tool of choice for the development of complex, mission-critical systems and real-time embedded software systems. ARTiSAN Studio is highly scaleable and suitable for use on small and large technical projects. Its proven multi-user repository provides a stable, robust working environment ensuring high availability of model information, while securing all valuable data. ARTiSAN has recently announced that it has started shipping ARTiSAN Studio 6.1 which includes features and functionality in support of the new SysML standard. ARTiSAN Studio already includes a DoDAF profile in which a broad range of DoDAF/MODAF views can be modelled in a single repository ensuring architectural consistency and allowing a seamless transition from architecture models to lower level systems engineering and software design models.

About ARTiSAN Software Tools
ARTiSAN Software Tools is the leading supplier of collaborative modelling tools for requirements analysis, specification, design and development of complex applications. The company provides standards-based, multi-user tool support from architectural frameworks through systems design to software implementation. ARTiSAN offers products, services and a process for systems and software modelling to accelerate the development of critical systems while ensuring that they always meet requirements. ARTiSAN enables engineering teams to visualise, design and validate systems before building them, and simplifies implementation with code generation and software reuse. Winner of the 2005 SD Times 100 award in the Modeling category for bringing UML and SysML to real-time embedded systems, ARTiSAN offers the most advanced tools for complex applications development. Founded in March 1997, ARTiSAN is privately held with headquarters in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. The company has regional sales offices and distributors throughout the world. For more information, call +44 (0)1242 229300 internationally, or 1(888)511-7975 from the US.