Sonarics Introduces Single-Chip RF DAB Baseband Processor Module

Sonarics Labs, the leading intellectual property (IP) company for DAB/DMB design solutions, announces the launch of the first module in its new generation of low-size and low-power DAB modules, thus enabling its customers to manufacture feature-rich DAB and DMB receivers, all at a much lower price.

With a new single-chip RF and a one-vendor chipset, the size of the new module is a tiny 50mm x 30mm (1.97″ x 1.18″), with a long feature list which includes DAB and FM RDS reception, SD card support, MP3 and WMA playback, multi lingual support, a sound processing engine for bass, treble equalizer and sound effects, clock and alarm, and has a friendly user interface.

“The new tightly integrated ClearSignal module retains it’s rich functionality but significantly reduces its’ cost, size and power consumption. It is ideally suited to the new generation of DAB and DMB devices and will lead to significant cost savings, faster revenue generation and quicker time-to-market, all at the best possible value for our customers,” commented Tanya Morales, chairman of Sonarics Labs. “It is a huge step forward for the same successful ClearSignal technology which has been powering hundreds of thousands of DAB radio receivers and been selected for luxurious car radios after completing extremely tough qualification processes.”

The new module, which complies to ETSI EN 300 401 for DAB and TS 102 427 for DMB TS decoding, is available for shipping from October 2006, accompanied by a reference design for enabling the consumer electronics manufacturers’ quick time-to-market.

About ClearSignal
ClearSignal is Sonarics’ solution for DAB/DMB. It complies with Eureka 147 DAB baseband standard ETSI EN 300 401 for Band III and L-Band, includes XPAD, MOT slide show and EPG decoders. On the A/V side it complies with ETSI standard TS 102 427 for DMB TS streaming, audio decoders for MP3 and WMA, a software decoder of FM with RDS, a, a sound processing engine (Bass, Treble Equalizer and effects) and a file-system.

ClearSignal fixed-point design is optimized specifically for low cost embedded core processors and DSPs, and includes an extensive set of APIs, simulations, test vectors and ATP.

The solution has been tuned and is offered to three groups of customers as following:

  • ClearSignal for SoC IP for semiconductor and SoC developers
  • ClearSignal for SI solution for OEM System Integrators and RF chip designers
  • ClearSignal Production Kit ready-made modules for mobile TV and digital radio manufacturers

ClearSignal is available now.

About Sonarics
Founded in 2002 by a group of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs, Sonarics Labs Ltd provides solutions for the DAB/DMB industry, enabling its customers to design SoC and multimedia receivers. Since its inception, Sonarics has successfully won DAB designs, through a unique combination of technology and services, thus gaining an unparalleled DAB experience.

Leveraging its DAB experience and signal processing skills, Sonarics developed a DMB decoder on a single low-cost DSP, and now is offering a DMB solution and IP to the mobile TV market.

Products using Sonarics’ technology can be found today from retail chains stores to high-end European car interiors. Sonarics is headquartered in the UK and has its R&D centre in Israel. Please visit for additional information.

ClearSignal is a trademark of Sonarics Labs.