Allen Miner Joins Encirq's Japan Board of Directors

Encirq Corporation, the global leader in device data management and the creator of DeviceSQL, today announced that Allen Miner has joined the Board of Directors of Encirq KK, Encirq’s wholly-owned Japanese subsidiary. Miner serves as a trusted advisor for Encirq’s global organization and brings extensive business and technology data management expertise to further accelerate the overall growth of the company, with an emphasis on the Japan market.

“Device data management has become a critical area for companies trying to build more competitive products,” said Mark Vogel, co-founder and CEO of Encirq. “Allen Miner’s unique outlook on enterprise data management will strengthen Encirq’s momentum in the emerging area of device data management. With his experience and guidance, we are better poised to expand our position in Japan and across the globe, enabling our customers to leverage data to build more intelligent, feature-rich devices, faster.”

Mr. Miner is president and CEO of SunBridge Corporation, Japan’s leading incubator of emerging high-technology companies. SunBridge and its affiliates offer a comprehensive range of business development services that include capital investment, engineering, sales and marketing support, channel development, human resources assistance and globalization services. SunBridge helps Japanese entrepreneurs build world-class technology companies and helps international entrepreneurs build dynamic, successful businesses in Japan. Prior to establishing SunBridge Corporation, Mr. Miner founded and served in various executive roles over 13 years with Oracle Japan, establishing the foundation for and contributing to Oracle’s achievements and on-going success in Japan.

“Encirq is the defining player in the device data management market,” said Allen Miner. “Despite being a foreign, early stage company, Encirq has been able to win major deals in Japan. This early success is what first attracted me to the company and led SunBridge to become an investor in Encirq Corporation. I am very optimistic about the opportunity for Encirq’s continued success in Japan and across the globe as companies realize the importance of high-performance, low-overhead device data management for embedding independent intelligence into devices and accelerating product innovation.”

About Encirq
Encirq Corporation, the global leader in device data management software and the creator of DeviceSQL, enables companies in the wireless, consumer electronics and telematics markets to employ device data to increase their products’ independent intelligence and usability. The Encirq(R) Data Foundation Framework accelerates the delivery of new device functionality, improved services, innovative business models and compelling user experiences all while optimizing performance, minimizing system resources and reducing costs. Established in 1998 Encirq partners with companies around the globe to transform their businesses and industries. Encirq is headquartered in Silicon Valley with regional offices in Japan and Korea.