Tricomtek to Distribute ClearSpeech Voice Technologies in Korea

Cambridge voice technology specialists, NCT, have appointed Tricomtek in Seoul, Korea as a reseller of their ‘ClearSpeech’ voice technologies for the Korean region. Tricomtek will resell NCT’s noise cancellation, echo cancellation and voice enhancement technologies to developers of voice communication products such as mobile phones, radio systems and Bluetooth wireless technology.

NCT are recognized as a world leader in the provision of voice technology. Their noise reduction, echo cancellation and signal conditioning software is used in millions of 3G phones and hands-free car kits around the world. Either integrated into audio chips or into customer software applications, NCT’s ‘ClearSpeech’ technologies remove background noise and acoustic echo, to enable human listeners and voice recognition systems to hear the talker with optimum clarity.

“This is an exciting development for NCT,” said Gillian Davis, Managing Director at NCT. “We have a lot of interest for our products from the Asia Pacific region, appointing a technical company as experienced and capable as Tricomtek will help us secure this business and manage our customer relations. It will be a real boost to what is already a very good year for NCT.”

NCT has recently agreed licensing deals with companies in the US, Canada, Poland and the UK, for the use of their voice technologies in a range of products from video conferencing to military communication systems. NCT are also working very closely with a leading provider of Bluetooth technology to further enable their technology for the development of high quality Bluetooth products.

“At Tricomtek we recognise the mobile industry’s need for voice enhancement technology of multimedia application to ensure its future success in the mobile device market,” said SangKu Lee, Managing Director at Tricomtek. “We have, therefore, teamed up with NCT to provide potential customers in the voice communication industry with NCT’s voice enhancement solution providing comprehensive coverage for mobile phone, PMP, Bluetooth, VoIP and WiBRO.”

NCT currently have offices in Cambridge (UK head office), the US and Japan. They are currently in discussions with potential distributors in India, mainland Europe and Taiwan in an effort to further strengthen their sales channels to support current interest in their voice technologies.

About NCT
Trading since 1990, Noise Cancellation Technologies (Europe) Ltd, NCT, is a world leader in the development of technologies for the removal of noise and echo from communication systems such as mobile phones, radio systems, intercoms, hands-free kits and voice recognition systems. By developing advanced software algorithms that run on DSP’s (digital signal processors) and CPU’s, NCT has enabled some of the world’s top manufacturers to deliver high quality voice-based communication systems. NCT now has sales offices in the UK, the US and Japan.

Noise Cancellation Technologies (Europe) Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCT Group, Inc. NCT Group, Inc. (NCTI) is a publicly-traded, high-tech company with a strong technology base. NCTI is rich in intellectual property with 578 patents and related rights.

About Tricomtek
Tricomtek is an expert of mobile multimedia development and embedded software development and was established in Nov 1998. Tricomtek was the first Korean company to develop the 3GPP, 3GPP2, OMA standard mobile messaging solution. Through the experience of working with major embedded software suppliers around the world, Tricomtek has been recognized as the leader in the realtime software engineering business in the Korea R&D sector. Currently Tricomtek has been partnering with TestingTech, Pragmadev, ENEA and Encore Technology for the realtime embedded software development sector.

In 2002, the ITS-DSRC protocol smartDSRC was developed and has been successfully implemented with LG Electronics’s Telematics terminal (Korea) and in 2004, Wireless TCP and Sigcomp protocols were developed for mobile phone. With world-wide partners, Tricomtek has supplied OS for ARM and DSP for 4G modem development. Tricomtek also has IP with 8 patents in the area of mobile messaging algorithm.

ClearSpeech(R) is registered trademark owned by NCT Group, Inc.