Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing Patent for Sale

Ocean Tomo Auctions, LLC announced today that Foundation Coal West, Inc. has consigned US Patent Number 5,486,998, entitled “Process Stabilizing Process Controller”, to be sold at The Ocean Tomo Fall 2006 Live Intellectual Property Auction to be held on October 26, 2006 in New York City.

The Foundation Coal patent maintains very early priority in the field of artificial intelligence. The patent would be of interest to manufacturers using volatile materials, including, though not limited to, those in the Semiconductor, Automotive and Chemical industries. The technology disclosed in the ’998 Patent may be used by any manufacturing company striving to maintain safety and quality, as well as any company needing to monitor the interaction of volatile materials with environmental changes.

The ’998 Patent has been cited by the following patents:

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  • US Patent No. 5,740,324 assigned to Honeywell
  • US Patent Nos. 5,796,602; 5,903,455; 5,960,214; 6,032,208; and 6,618,630 assigned to Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc.
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  • US Patent No. 7,039,476 assigned to Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
  • US Patent No. 7,069,185 assigned to Wilson Diagnostic Systems, LLC

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