SAN in Postproduction Environment: Requirements and Solutions

The whitepaper’s title “SAN in Postproduction Environment: Requirements and Solutions” defines the content of the whitepaper which addresses the demands and wishes of DI- and postproduction business by examining past, current and future SAN technology, both critically and constructively. The requirement for a central SAN storage is something that is being checked by many people in the business. A number of important questions needs to be answered. The DVS whitepaper provides advice on all the important SAN-related topics from storage size through data rate to configurations and support.

SAN in Postproduction Environment

Starting with the false assumption that the main question when considering a SAN is “How much money per byte must I pay?”, the DVS whitepaper defines which subjects are really significant. More relevant questions will be “How much storage will I need?”, “How many clients are connected to the SAN and which client needs real-time access?” and, of utmost importance, “What are the peak and sustained data rates required?” Of course, the whitepaper examines the subjects of operating systems, reliability and support intensively, too.

Innovative data management is another topic that interests the DI- and postproduction business. The DVS whitepaper approaches the subject with the introduction of Spycer(TM); which, thanks to high-speed copying and search functionality, and on-the-fly defragmentation processes, gives the user full control over all digital content.

Furthermore, the whitepaper introduces important definitions, configurations and clarifies the importance of such terms as NAS, Fibre Channel, metadata server and RAID controller. Examples of real applications illustrate where and how a SAN can be used within the postproduction workflow and how, with the right planning, a SAN can be integrated smoothly into the existing environment. A compact glossary gives insight into the complex terms used in HD- and postproduction business and gives the reader valuable help with solid explanations.

DVS is based in Hanover, Germany and Los Angeles, USA and has achieved sustained success in 2006. In addition to its award-winning DI workstation CLIPSTER(R) DVS has presented another milestone in its software development: at NAB 2006 DVS unveiled the innovative data manager Spycer(TM). In the same year a new line of disk recorders came to market: Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD.2 enable real-time multi-resolution capture and play-out combined with full conforming. The company has a large OEM customer base, too: numerous leaders in the industry integrate DVS’ powerful video I/O boards into their own products. Moreover, DVS has teamed up with ARRI, Kodak, Imagica, The Mill and Midnight Transfer.

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