System General Unveils High-Performance Forward ATX Power Solution

System General Corporation — the leader in Desktop PC power supply controlling ICs — today announced a complete forward power solution for desktop power supplies and PC servers. The major circuit of this solution consists of System General products, including a PFC/PWM combo control chip, a flyback PWM control chip, and a four channel supervisor IC. Its simple design structure significantly improves the conversion efficiency of power systems and reduces power system cost. This excellent product combination once again demonstrates SG’s predominance in R&D capability.

In consideration of the perpetual evolution of computer CPUs, graphic cards, and other peripheral functions, power supplies are trending toward high-wattage design. The strict harmonics standards of the European Union and the rising cost of raw materials have led to forward powers system structures incorporating active PFC components that take advantage of high efficiency and are gradually becoming the optimal development choice for medium-high power voltage supply design. With a record of experience and strength, dominating over 40% of the global market in Half-bridge ATX-Power, System General holds to the innovative business philosophy and focus on power saving that inspired the forward power solution, which integrated internal power systems to achieve over 80% conversion efficiency under various load conditions. This solution has perfectly satisfied the needs of power supply system designers in their development concepts for environmentally friendly power supplies.

“System General has long devoted itself to developing innovative power technology with low power-consumption and high efficiency.” said Gary Lin, the senior Vice President of System General. “To help customers develop new products and meet the future market trends, we provide the ideal power solution that simplify power system design circuits and reduce external component costs, as well as enhance the price-to-performance ratio of power supplies.”

This leading solution highly integrates various protection functions and high technology patents; its optimal performance including complies with the EU harmonic wave directive, has a power factor of over 98%, provides a high power conversion efficiency of over 80%, and low standby power consumption (under 1W). With the above amazing performance, System General is predicted to hold its leading position in the Desktop PC power supply market.

Introduction of SG Power ICs in this Solution:

  • SG6931/2 — The highly-integrated PFC/PWM combo-IC for forward topology of a power supply/adaptor is designed to provide current transfer operations in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) for high output power systems rated above 150W. Its main features include: built-in green-mode function, highly integrated Over Temperature Protection (OTP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP) and Brown-Out protection. Its patent amplifier technology also improves output dynamic response. In addition, SG6931/2 allow maximum PWM cycle adjustment.
  • SG6858 — The low-watt fly-back PWM IC, its patent Green Mode technology, which realizes super-low standby power and built-in synchronized slope compensation, greatly improves system stability. In addition, it also features constant power output limits, programmable PWM frequency, Cycle-by-cycle Current limiting, and many other features.
  • SG6516 — The highly-integrated supervisor IC has overall supervising and protecting functions that can provide complete protection for power systems. The SG6516 provides two 12V Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), and Over Current Protection (OCP) functions. Furthermore, it also features highly precise VRI & VPGI, built-in 20mS OCP timing delay protection, 300mS power good signal protection, and PSON controlling switch signals.

System General Corporation: