Tritech, Radiocrafts Unveil Wireless Communication Platform

Tritech MeshNET is a scalable and robust architecture for narrowband wireless network communication where all nodes in a network cooperate to transport information, almost like on the Internet. By using many small low-power radio modems, a narrowband wireless network can cover large geographical areas utilizing the license-free frequency bands. A mesh network is by nature self configuring and self healing thus offering redundancy and low maintenance.

Radiocrafts AS, a leading supplier of wireless RF modules for communication in the license-free frequency bands and Tritech Technology AB, a supplier of wireless MESH technology, today launch a new family of products suitable for integration in embedded systems. The Tritech MeshNET enabled radio modules, designed and manufactured by Radiocrafts, offer integrators a simple modem interface to a complex network environment. A simple 2-way serial interface and a Windows(TM) based server with a high level API makes integration easy into virtually any sensor or data collection solution.

“We are committed to offer scalable, flexible and open wireless mesh solutions for embedded environments. Our cooperation with Radiocrafts AS is an important milestone in our effort to meet the demand for an open, flexible and easily integrated industrial strength communication platform. With MeshNET technology our customers can focus on developing solutions and services into their operation”, says Thomas Jonsson, Business Area Manager Tritech Products.

“By adding the unique MeshNET protocol to our long-range narrowband RF modules, we can now offer a complete wireless module solution for automatic meter reading, sensor and control applications”, says Peder Martin Evjen, Managing Director Radiocrafts AS. For more information please contact or visit us at the Electronix fair in Gothenburg September 5 -7, 2006. (Radiocrafts in booth B06:29, Tritech in booth B06:08)

About Tritech Technology AB
Tritech is a leading design house for industrial wireless products and critical real-time systems. We help our customers with product-oriented business development, hardware and software design, manufacturing and product lifecycle services. We are 130 people with four offices in Sweden. We turn technology into business.

About Radiocrafts AS
Radiocrafts is a leading RF module design and manufacturing company. Radiocrafts’ standard RF modules provide compact, easy to use, low cost, low power and high performance RF solutions for a large number of wireless applications using license-free ISM bands. Radiocrafts also offers customer and application specific product development, supporting customers from initial project ideas to volume product delivery.

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