SIDSA Takes to the Air at IBC with Mobile TV Platform

SIDSA, the international provider of Digital TV, IPTV, Mobile TV and broadband solutions, products and services (booth 12,311 and M133), will provide and operate at the IBC show the DVB-H platform set up by the DVB Project (Digital Video Broadcasting) through its Polar Plus Headend which is fully compliant to the DVB standards. National Grid Wireless will provide a modulator, transmitter and antenna, and MIER Comunicaciones the gap fillers (on-channel repeaters).

The DVB-H platform will cover the whole IBC exhibition area. It will broadcast free-to-air five different channels: Nederland 2, CNN International, BBC World, Discovery Channel and off-line content. For the IBC 2006 show the platform will only consist on the Content Management and the Content Adaptation blocks, no encryption whatsoever will be used.

The aim of the demonstration platform is to show interoperability among the different DVB-H enabled devices that are going to be shown during the IBC and to make clear that DVB-H mobile TV transmissions are currently a reality. This experience comes at a time when Italy has recently seen the successful roll-out of two DVB-H services in time for the FIFA World Cup and when other countries, such as Finland, Germany, the Russian Federation and the US, are preparing for the launch of DVB-H commercial services.

There will be demonstration terminals to follow the broadcasts of the DVB-H platform which can be also watched at SIDSA’s booth (12,311 and M133) where visitors will be able to learn how Polar Plus works.

SIDSA (Semiconductores Investigación y Diseño SA) is an international Provider of Global Solutions, Products and Services in the fields of Digital TV, IP TV, Mobile TV, Conditional Access systems and Broadband. It offers a wide range of multimedia products: from its own System on Chip (SoC) integrated circuits to global and vertical integrated solutions to its customers, allowing them to get the best of it and generating new profitable business models. Created in 1992, initially as a Design House of Semiconductor components and ASICs (Custom integrated circuits), SIDSA has become a highly reputed international provider with a design centre in Tres Cantos (Madrid) and offices in The Silicon Valley, California.