Sena Bundles TTYredirector for Linux with Device Servers

Sena today announced that the Tactical Software TTYredirector for Linux will be bundled with Sena device servers, providing commercial-grade serial port redirector software to Sena customers using Red Hat, Fedora Core, SUSE, Debian, and other Linux x86 distributions.

TTYredirector brings to Linux the sophisticated serial port redirector technology of the Tactical Software Serial/IP COM Port Redirector, which Sena already provides for users of the Windows operating system.

“COM-Port Redirector is one of the most important components for our intelligent device networking solution. I am happy to provide Tactical’s Linux TTYredirector to our customers as our basic software package, and believe this addition will strengthen the competitiveness of our device networking solution much more in the future,” said Tae Kim, President & CEO at Sena Technologies.

“We look forward to our role in helping Sena expand their success in device servers for Linux-based applications,” said Liisa C. Walsh, President of Tactical Software. “The field-proven technology that Tactical employs in TTYredirector will open opportunities for Sena with Linux users with mission-critical applications that demand performance and reliability from a supported redirector solution.”

Tactical’s streamlined implementation for the Linux environment is a multi-threaded daemon with command-line tools for configuration and tracing, all installed as an RPM package or by shell script. TTYredirector goes on to provide superior compatibility for tty-based applications with automated server login, advanced server port configuration using RFC 2217 COM port control protocol, and automatic reconnect after network interruptions — all without requiring a special device driver or Linux kernel customization. Complete information about TTYredirector is available on its dedicated web site.

The special edition of TTYredirector for Sena users is now available for download. TTYredirector will be included in software distributed with new Sena device servers beginning in September 2006.

Sena Technologies
Sena Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Device Server product line that includes external, embedded, wireless and industrial device servers; and Industrial Bluetooth product line that includes Bluetooth serial adapters, Bluetooth serial modules and Bluetooth IP Access Points for device networking solution in the areas of IT/Telco, retail/POS, industrial automation, building automation, and medical automation.

Tactical Software
Tactical Software LLC is the industry’s leading independent software vendor of serial port redirectors used in thousands of business applications world-wide.