LSI, Micronas Create ATSC Integrated Digital TV Reference Design

LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI) and Micronas (SWX Swiss Exchange: MASN) today announced the availability of a qualified reference design that provides all of the functionality required for a high-quality, feature-rich, flat-panel integrated digital TV (IDTV). The reference design gives TV manufacturers a stable, proven platform that enables them to quickly and cost effectively get to market with a range of ATSC IDTVs.

Digital TV represents one of the fastest-growing segments of the consumer electronics industry, further driven by broadcast networks upgrading from analog to digital technology. The Consumer Electronics Association predicts that more than 10 million LCD and plasma TVs will be sold in North America in 2006, surpassing analog TVs for the first time.

To address this rapidly growing market, LSI and Micronas have combined the companies’ flagship ICs, resulting in a qualified and field-tested reference design. The concept is based on the LSI DoMiNo(R) DMN-8833 ATSC decoder processor, the Micronas DRX(R)-H ATSC/QAM demodulator and the Micronas VCT(R)- P all-in-one flat-panel TV processor. Together with the LSI field-proven IDTV ATSC software stack, the solution enables a fast-track upgrade for existing VCT-P customers and offers all of the audio and video functionality required for a full-featured and cost-effective IDTV:

  • Processing, decoding and displaying ATSC broadcast content
  • Processing and displaying analog, digital, HD and SD signal sources
  • Improving video quality with advanced signal processing algorithms
  • Decoding surround sound audio

“We selected the LSI DMN-8833 for the ATSC reference design to ensure industry-leading HD MPEG-2 decode quality and expertise that complements our very strong LCD-TV market position with VCT-P,” said Wladimir Punt, director of marketing TV at Micronas. “Combined, we offer a best-in-class solution that gives manufacturers everything they need to quickly develop their own HDTV products that meet the video and audio quality expectations of sophisticated consumers.”

The LSI DMN-8833 decodes SD and HD content (up to 1080i) in compliance with the ATSC specifications and decodes audio in compliance with the Dolby(R) Digital CE and MPEG-1 layer 2 specifications. For more information on the LSI family of media processors, manufacturing kits and customer product examples please go online.

The Micronas VCT-P all-in-one solution for flat-panel TV offers scalable features and excellent picture and sound performance, suiting a wide range of LCD-TV screen sizes and segments as well as mainstream plasma TV. For more information on the Micronas VCT-P, please go online.

“LSI partnered with Micronas because of their industry-leading VCT-P all- in-one processor for flat-panel display television. Together, we’re enabling an ideal solution for the U.S. LCD-TV and plasma TV markets,” said Kenroy Francis, director of DTV marketing, Consumer Products Group, LSI Logic. “Reference designs, like this ATSC solution, continue to play a strategic role at LSI for accelerating the adoption of our silicon-to-systems solutions.”

The IDTV reference design solutions are sampling now to qualified customers and will be presented by Micronas at IFA 2006. Via Micronas’ wholly- owned subsidiary IKONVERGENZ in Singapore, the production-ready ATSC IDTV platform is available to any TV makers interested in having their own solution immediately.

About Micronas
Micronas, a semiconductor designer and manufacturer with worldwide operations, is a leading supplier of cutting-edge IC and sensor system solutions for consumer and automotive electronics. As a market leader in innovative global TV system solutions, Micronas leverages its expertise into new markets emerging through the digitization of audio and video content. Micronas serves all major consumer brands worldwide, many of them in continuous partnerships seeking joint success. While the holding company is headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland), operational headquarters are based in Freiburg (Germany). Currently, the Micronas Group employs about 2000 people. In 2005 it generated CHF 845/USD 676/EUR 545 million in sales.

About LSI Logic
LSI Logic Corporation is a leading provider of silicon-to-systems solutions that are used at the core of products that create, store and consume digital information. LSI offers a broad portfolio of capabilities including custom and standard product ICs, host bus and RAID adapters, storage area network solutions and software applications. LSI products enable leading technology companies in the Storage and Consumer markets to deliver some of the most advanced and well-known electronic systems in the market today.

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