Wells-Gardner Files Three New Patents for LCDs

Wells-Gardner Electronics Corporation (Amex: WGA) announced that they have filed 3 new patents for LCDs.

“The filing of LCD patents is part of our strategy to protect our intellectual property and to increase our value to stockholders as a technology company,” said Anthony Spier, Wells-Gardner’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We are focusing on LCDs as this is the fastest growing technology for our Company. Our LCD sales have increased from 3500 in 2004 to 30,100 in 2005 and to a forecast of over 60,000 in 2006.”

“We are very pleased to be able to report that the Company has filed three new patents for various aspects of LCDs,” said Robert Lube, Wells-Gardner’s Director of Engineering. “One patent application pertains to display characteristics of LCDs, another pertains to implementing LCDs in gaming consoles, and a third application covers bonding of certain touch screens to LCDs.”

Founded in 1925, Wells-Gardner Electronics Corporation is a distributor and manufacturer of color video monitors and other related distribution products for a variety of markets including, but not limited to, gaming machine manufacturers, casinos, coin-operated video game manufacturers and other display integrators. During 2000, the Company formed a 50/50 joint venture named Wells-Eastern Asia Displays to manufacture video monitors in Malaysia. In addition, the Company acquired American Gaming & Electronics, Inc. (“AGE”), a leading parts distributor to the gaming markets, which sells parts and services to over 700 casinos in North America with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey and McCook, Illinois. AGE also sells refurbished gaming machines on a global basis as well as installs and services some brands of new gaming machines in casinos in North America.