DVS Digital Video Systems Showcases DVS-SAN at IBC

At IBC, DVS exhibits its premium DI storage DVS-SAN at booth 7.421. From September 8th until September 12th the IBC visitors can see the benefits of the new DVS-SAN components for themselves in a live demonstration. The focus of the SAN development lies in the combined operation of real-time and non-real-time applications.

The users will profit from the new controller technology in several ways: As their predecessors the fast, real-time RAID-5 controllers provide safety against hard disk failures. But since DVS also equips the storage with redundant controllers, the data will even be available if one controller breaks down. However, the best news is that the controllers actually supply a higher data rate. Especially real-time applications will gain from this extra data resource, but also in non-real-time applications the higher data rate leads to an increased workflow.

The workstations are connected with the reliable Fibre Channel technology, now up to 4 Gb/s per channel. The real-time storage has hard disks with SAS interface on board, which perfects the well-known SCSI protocol with modern, reliable serial technology.

The DVS-SAN near-line storage is also equipped with redundant RAID-5 controllers and 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel connections. For storage media DVS uses SATA-2 hard disks that offer high capacity at a reasonable price. As a consequence DVS-SAN near-line is suitable for all applications that do not need real time. Combined with the real-time storage of DVS-SAN, hierarchic backup strategies can be supported perfectly. This is especially true for the massive amount of data that results from working with digital video data. In this field the central storages can now be optimally configured.

Juergen Heger, Senior Product Manager at DVS: “Because of the modern technology of our controllers and hard disks, the DVS-SAN is totally future-proof. An outstanding key feature is the data throughput of 700 MB/s in its minimal configuration that can easily be expanded to more than 2 GB/s. New diagnostic tools and data management via SpycerTM, the innovative software from DVS, meet all the demands of real postproduction business.”

The software and hardware manufacturer DVS is based in Hanover, Germany and Los Angeles, USA and has achieved sustained success in 2006. In addition to its award-winning DI workstation CLIPSTER(R) DVS has presented another milestone in its software development: at NAB 2006 DVS unveiled the innovative data manager Spycer(TM). In the same year a new line of disk recorders came to market: Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD.2 enable real-time multi-resolution capture and play-out combined with full conforming. The company has a large OEM customer base, too: numerous leaders in the industry integrate DVS’ powerful video I/O boards into their own products. Moreover, DVS has teamed up with ARRI, Kodak, Imagica, The Mill and Midnight Transfer.