Sequence Creates Speedview-AMS to Extend EM And V-drop Analysis

Combining its award-winning Columbus-AMS extraction engine with electromigration and voltage-drop components from its CoolTime dynamic voltage-drop product, Sequence Design has created Speedview-AMS, the latest in a series of new tools for power-rail analysis. Speedview-AMS enables designers to diagnose EM and V-drop issues in full-custom designs.

“Columbus-AMS with Speedview allows designers to extract and analyze power rails in existing LVS flows using an up-to-date, high-capacity viewer for analyzing electromigration and voltage-drop problems,” said Dr. Rob Mathews, Sequence vice president of extraction products. “Unlike general-purpose viewers, Speedview directly assists in finding, visualizing, and deciding how to fix EM violations and voltage drop in a design.”

Speedview-AMS Feature Summary
Speedview-AMS uses geometric and parasitic information directly from Columbus-AMS, overlaying analysis results from external simulation.

Key features and benefits are:

  • Visualize and quickly isolate electromigration and voltage-drop problems using tailored, geometric displays of per-net parasitic and analysis data
  • Find every violation, and document how to fix it, using interactively controlled violations displays with search, annotation, and save functions
  • Diagnose voltage drop with an uncluttered, parasitic-only view showing complete parasitic and device properties
  • Visualize overall trends or fine details of analytic data using interactively controlled color maps of rail polygons

The Columbus extraction product family is part of Sequence’s high-performance, low-power design lineup which also includes PowerTheater, CoolPower, CoolCheck, and CoolTime, providing RTL and full-chip power analysis and optimization tuned to the design challenges facing engineers at 90nm and below. Columbus-AMS is both a foundation for the company’s RTL-to-silicon, power-aware design tools for SoCs and the industry’s leading RLC parasitic extraction tool for high-performance digital and analog/mixed-signal designs.

Columbus-AMS is fully integrated with Cadence’s Analog Design Environment, and operates with Calibre, Diva, and Assura LVS tools for total flow compatibility in a familiar and trusted environment. More than 100 Sequence customers have achieved successful, high-performance tapeouts using Columbus-AMS extraction.

Price for a one-year TBL is $91,500 for Columbus-AMS with Speedview-AMS EM/V-drop analysis. The package includes integration with Synopsys’s HSIM-PWRA (Lexsim) simulator.