XMC Mezzanine Cards to Penetrate COTS Military Market

XMC form factor mezzanine cards are the latest in mezzanine card technology, and they are projected to begin making an impact on the embedded COTS military market in 2007. PMC mezzanines are the current mezzanine standard not only for military applications but for all embedded applications.

PMC cards will remain the dominant technology for several years to come and the XMC form factor’s time for market dominance is beyond 2007 as PMC shipments to Europe and North America in 2007 are projected to be US$ 126 million compared to US$ 6.5 million for XMC shipments. However, the transition to XMC is quickly approaching with the architecture gaining traction in 2007 and growing rapidly from there.

North American & European COTS XMC Card Shipment Projections, Functional Types, 2007 (% of Dollar Volume Shipments)
2007 Total: US$ 6.5 Million

The advantages of the XMC architecture over PMC are increased speed and bandwidth, therefore the architecture will first make inroads into the applications that most benefit from these increased capabilities. According to Eric Heikkila, Director of VDC’s Embedded Hardware Practice, “Graphics and video capability are largely functions of processing speed and power, so it is not surprising that many of the initial XMC cards sold to the military will be used for this function. Networking cards will follow for the same reason.”

Other application segments will likely adopt XMC as the standard becomes better defined – resulting in substantial changes in application market shares beyond 2007.

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