NEC Designs Op Amps for Measurement and Control Applications

NEC Electronics America, Inc. today announced availability of a new operational amplifier (op amp) suitable for integrated-circuit test applications. The uPC835 junction field-effect transistor (JFET)-type op amp offers high slew rates, a maximum capable capacitive load that measures four times higher than the nearest competitor product and a 3 x 3 millimeter (mm) thin-scaled small-outline package (TSSOP) for increased design flexibility. This combination of features makes NEC Electronics’ uPC835 suitable for IC, memory, system-on-chip (SOC) and logic test equipment.

A capacitive load of 4000 picofarads (pF), four times higher than the nearest competitor offering, allows test engineers to test higher capacitive loads per channel and a wider variety of ICs with different capacitances. A high slew rate of 9 volts per microsecond (9V/us) enables more precise measurements, while the small TSSOP can be used in compact, dense designs where large arrays are required. The uPC835 JFET op amp also features a low input offset of +/- 3 millivolts (mV) (maximum).

“We recognized the need for designers to have an op amp designed specifically to meet the unique needs of semiconductor test equipment and responded with the uPC835,” said Bart Ladd, general manager, standard solutions strategic business unit, NEC Electronics America. “This product provides the high slew rates, high capacitive loads and small size necessary to power the test equipment used to verify next-generation semiconductors.”

Pricing and Availability
Specified for operation between -40 to +85 degrees Celsius, engineering samples of NEC Electronics’ uPC835 JFET op amp are available now and are priced at $1.20 in sample quantities. Volume production is scheduled to begin in October. Pricing and availability are subject to change. More information about the uPC835 can be found online.

About NEC Electronics America, Inc.
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