AirDefense Receives Patent for Wireless Intrusion Prevention

AirDefense, the innovator that launched the wireless LAN security market, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded US Patent No. 7,086,089 titled “Systems and Methods for Network Security” to AirDefense. Filed on June 3, 2002, this is the third patent awarded to AirDefense in the wireless LAN intrusion protection space. It encompasses core technology fundamental to all wireless intrusion detection and prevention solutions. AirDefense is the only company to own all the intellectual property for wireless LAN intrusion prevention.

AirDefense, which has an installed base of more than 500 enterprise customers, is currently shipping its seventh generation system, AirDefense Enterprise 7.0. The system leverages the methods described in the awarded patent to provide the most comprehensive, scalable and accurate wireless LAN monitoring and security solution available in the market today. The patented claims describe the core principles behind AirDefense’s solution:

  • Use of wireless sensors and centralized server for detecting and preventing rogue wireless devices, wireless attacks, anomalies and policy violations
  • Multiple detection techniques such as signature, protocol, policy and anomalous behavior analysis for minimal false positives and day zero attack detection
  • Intelligent classification of authorized, unauthorized and rogue wireless devices
  • Automatic, regulatory compliant, AirTermination(TM) using over the air session containment
  • Mapping the physical and logical location of wireless devices
  • Wireless policy and compliance management
  • Proactive wireless vulnerability assessment
  • Forensic data storage and incident analysis
  • Threat index-based techniques for enhanced manageability

“The lack of physical perimeter protection and enforceable wireless access policies result in both inbound and outbound vulnerabilities. Wireless IPS provides unparalleled protection for your WLAN. After extensive testing, we concluded that AirDefense’s solution has all the class and sophistication that any Fortune 500 company could ever hope for from a wireless IPS,” said Frank Bulk of Network Computing.

“AirDefense invented wireless IPS and we ensure that our products are backed by solid intellectual property protection,” said Dr. Amit Sinha, chief technology officer of AirDefense. “AirDefense’s granted patents are broad and describe in detail the systems and methods that are necessary for any wireless IPS. All wireless IPS products available today use the patented techniques.”

AirDefense currently has three granted patents and 20 more that are pending at the USPTO. AirDefense’s comprehensive and growing patent portfolio extends its wireless LAN intrusion prevention intellectual property into broader areas such as security for emerging wireless networks, spectral analysis and interference classification, performance troubleshooting, bandwidth optimization, forensic analysis and end-point wireless security.

About AirDefense
AirDefense, the market leader in anywhere, anytime wireless security and monitoring, is trusted by more Fortune 500 companies, healthcare organizations and high-security government agencies for enterprise wireless protection than any other wireless security provider. AirDefense products provide the most advanced solutions for rogue wireless detection, policy enforcement and intrusion prevention, both inside and outside an organization’s physical locations and wired networks. Common Criteria-certified, AirDefense enterprise-class products scale to support single offices as well as organizations with hundreds of locations around the globe. Founded in 2001, AirDefense is based in Alpharetta, GA, and serves hundreds of government agencies and blue chip corporations. For more information, please call 770.663.8115.