ACTIS Computer Introduces ESBX-4440 Single Board Computer

ACTIS Computer SA announces today the availability of its new ESBX-4440 Single Board Computer (SBC) based on the AMCC PPC440GX PowerPC processor. The ESBX-4440 SERIES represents an ideal solution for packet switching applications in the communication, industrial and storage markets as well as OEM design requirements for scalable performance with the AMCC PPC4440GX processor at 667 MHz. It features up to 1 GByte of ECC-protected DIMM DDR memory module capability and delivers lower power dissipation than Pentium solutions.

Designed as a standalone SBC, the ESBX-4440 offers the ability to be integrated in large choice of systems, requiring an high density solution, typically in 1U rack enclosure.

The AMCC PPC440GX processor provides an excellent combination of high performance processing and low power consumption for embedded and communications applications. The ESBX-4440 provides high performance network interfaces with two Gigabit Ethernet ports and two Fast Ethernet ports. Many networking and storage applications will benefit from the software-enabled TCP/IP hardware-assist state machine that accelerates data packet processing. Failover capability is supported on the Fast Ethernet interfaces by using the Bypass function. A general system failure will bypass the Ethernet ports for a direct connection between the WAN and LAN interconnect.

The ESBX-4440 represents a flexible platform by providing additional features including:

  • Dual Serial-ATA controller
  • A CompactFLASH slot
  • PCI 2-slot 64-bit Cardedge extension
  • A Mini-PMC mezzanine

Developers can take advantage of the PowerPC architecture’s, low power, and performance when running major real-time operating systems (RTOSes) or when deploying applications based on the low-cost, open-source Linux (TM) operating system.

About ACTIS Computer
Founded in 1991, ACTIS Computer is a leading designer and worldwide supplier of open-standards and custom board- and system- level embedded computing solutions that address telecom, data communications, transportation, security and industrial control markets. ACTIS Computer is specialized on PowerPC processor board designs that feature high performance with low power dissipation.

For more information, please contact our sales department by mail at or by phone in USA : +1 480 838-1799 or other countries : +41 22 706-1830.