Big Faceless Organization Rolls Out PDF Library 2.7.1

Big Faceless Organization (BFO), provider of high quality Java software components, are delighted to present version 2.7.1 of their famed PDF Library. Documents can now be signed and date-stamped with the PDF Library, and the authenticity of those documents verified.

CTO Mike Bremford, says “Acrobat 7 added support for Digital Signature timestamps, and now so have we. We’ve also added the ability to “remotely sign” a PDF via a web service, which means you can keep your precious private key safe on the server where it belongs.”

Other highlights include better support for PDF/A to match improvements made in Acrobat 7.07 and even faster PDF to TIFF conversion when using the BFO PDF Viewer.

You can download a free fully functional trial version of the PDF Library Extended Edition and PDF Viewer.