Avago Creates One-Fifth Inch Optical Format, 1.3-Megapixel Image Sensor

Avago Technologies, the world’s largest privately held semiconductor company, today introduced the ADCC-3100, the first one-fifth inch optical format, 1.3-megapixel small form factor (SFF) CMOS image sensor with advanced image processing, including spot metering capabilities. Avago’s entry into the emerging SFF product category captures the changing requirements in the cellular phone market. SFF CMOS sensors pack optimal image quality in a smaller package and enable handset OEMs and camera module assemblers (CMAs) to upgrade VGA camera phones or develop desirable ultra-thin camera phones.

Until recently, camera phones had followed a similar trend to that of digital-still cameras: namely, a race toward higher resolution with expectations of improvement in image quality. With higher resolution come unique challenges in a handset environment, such as more complexity, cost (i.e., memory, data bus, lens, packaging) and size constraints. Avago introduced the ADCC-3100 Small Form Factor sensor to address the requirements of higher image quality, with the same resolution available in a smaller size.

“The clear trend in fashion mobile phone design is moving toward thin, small form factor phones,” said Jon Erensen, Senior Research Analyst at Gartner. “As this category of phone increases and represents a larger portion of the total mobile phone market, it is crucial that image sensor vendors provide small, low-profile sensors without compromising the image quality expected in a feature-rich camera phone.”

Avago’s ADCC-3100 effectively addresses the technical challenges of SFF by capturing more light with fewer pixels and enabling a thinner phone design. Its on-chip image processing eliminates the need for an additional space-consuming, power-hungry companion chip while reducing system processing overhead, design complexity, and time to market. Smaller than the tip of a pencil’s eraser, the ADCC-3100 fits easily into a tiny 6.0 mm x 6.0 mm x 4.5 mm low-profile camera module.

At the heart of the ADCC-3100 is Avago’s EP pixel and array architecture and I-Pipe processing which dramatically increases image quality for photos. EP reduces dark current and noise, and reduces lens shading effects to offer breakthrough low-light CMOS sensor performance that rivals CCD sensors. With 2.2 micron x 2.2 micron pixels, the ADCC-3100′s 3D pixel e-field shaping makes each pixel ultra light sensitive. The product extends pixel sensitivity through powerful 8 x 8 pixel binning. By comparison, competitors’ image sensors offer 1 x 2 binning.

Avago’s eighth-generation I-Pipe delivers high quality images, auto thumbnails and fast reload to avoid missing shots. It also features fast auto focus, dual flash support, shutter lag amelioration, and an advanced auto illuminant detector using second-generation plausible illuminant. The ADCC-3100 sensor is capable of 15 frames per second at full 1280 x 1024 pixel SXGA (super extended graphics) resolution, and 30 frames per second in 640 x 480 pixel VGA mode.

“We recognized this shift toward SFF early on and strategically focused our development on smaller sensors while maintaining superior image quality,” said Feisal Mosleh, director of worldwide marketing and support for the Mobile Imaging Business at Avago Technologies. “Of late, top-tier cellular phone manufacturers have begun to specify ‘small form factor’ and high image quality as key criteria in their product specification requirements. High-quality SFF CMOS sensors benefit not only cell phone manufacturers but also service providers in leveraging existing technology investments.”

The ADCC-3100 CMOS camera-on-a-chip is sampling now through Avago Technologies’ direct sales channel. Contact Avago for pricing and availability in production quantities. Further information about Avago’s CMOS image sensors is available online.

Avago’s Mobile Appliance Solutions
Avago Technologies is a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for today’s highly integrated, feature-rich mobile handsets. In addition to CMOS image sensors that enable camera phones and notebook/mobile cams, Avago provides FBAR filters and CoolPAM power amplifiers that save battery life and help shrink handset size, infrared transceivers for transmitting data, surface-mount LEDs that provide backlighting styling options, proximity sensors that automate the speakerphone, and ambient-light photo sensors that save battery life by controlling backlighting. No other component vendor offers all of these solutions for mobile appliances.

About Avago Technologies
Avago Technologies is the world’s largest privately held semiconductor company, with approximately 6,500 employees worldwide. Avago provides an extensive range of analog, mixed-signal and optoelectronic components and subsystems to more than 40,000 customers. The company’s products serve four end markets: industrial and automotive, wired infrastructure, wireless communications, and computer peripherals. It is recognized for providing innovative, high-quality products along with strong customer service and the industry’s best on-time delivery. Avago’s heritage of technical innovation dates back 40 years to its Agilent/Hewlett-Packard roots.

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