Elma Offers Ergonomic Injector/Ejector Handles in Multiple Styles

Elma Electronic Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic packaging products and components, now offers embedded board injector /ejector handles in CompactPCI/VME64x, Classic, and Telco styles.

Elma Injector Ejector Handles

The CompactPCI/VME64x handle is specifically designed for CompactPCI and VME64x architecture applications. They come with or without an ESD pin and an .1″ offset per the PICMG 2.11 R1.0 power interface specification. The button mechanism unlocks the handle with a microswitch sending a signal that the board is disengaging. The Telco handle has similar features including the button mechanism and ESD pin options. However, the Telco handles are longer to provide more leverage for the high insertion/retention force of most telco boards. The end of the handle is arched outwards for superior ergonomics and to ensure fingers won’t be pinched. Long Telco handles are also available. Elma also offers a “Classic” ergonomic handle in latching and non-latching formats.

Elma’s line of handles come in black, gray, or custom colors. The handles can be offset or aligned and with or without microswitches with pre-assembled wire. Elma’s quality is renowned in the industry and offers many of its handle products in stock or with “express” lead-times. The company is also developing a cutting-edge AdvancedTCA handle to be released in Fall 2006.

Lead-time is stock to 2 weeks. For more information on Elma’s handles, call 510-656-3400.

About Elma Electronic
Elma Electronic Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of enclosures, backplanes, cabinets, cases, and “ready-to-run” packaging for ATCA, CPCI/2.16, Rugged COTS, VME/64x, VXI, VXS, and custom bus structures. Elma’s component product line offers a wide selection of top quality switches knobs and LED arrays. The company has been a worldwide supplier of dependable, high performance products for over 35 years.

Elma operates three facilities in the continental United States plus has locations in Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Israel. Elma Electronic Inc. is located at 44350 Grimmer Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 USA. Telephone (510) 656-3400 – Fax (510) 656-3783.