Your Voice Launches BITX Initiatives for M2M

The number of worldwide mobile handsets has reached the considerable figure of 2 billion units and – according to a conservative estimate – the number of “machines” potentially affected by M2M is in excess of 30 billion units.

From this simple comparison it is easy to perceive the potential – still unexpressed – of the fast growing market for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications and services, or the possibility to control from a distance any kind of “machinery” or electronic device through a wireless connection (GPRS/CDMA, Wi-Fi, UMTS, Satellite).

In recent years, the growing coverage of public mobile networks and the progress made by wireless modules manufacturers in terms of miniaturization and costs, have created a fertile ground for the beginning of the next technological revolution: M2M.

Today, after a staging period of almost 2 years, Your Voice S.p.A. – an innovative italian company active from its foundation in the multichannel communication services market – released two distinct initiatives dedicated to M2M:

BITX (BIT eXchange) a full set of products and services dedicated to the fas growing world of machine-to-machine (M2M): a remote monitoring and control application development platform, consultancy and support services, information and technical documentation. BITX wants to be a reference point for the Application Developers and System Integrator Community, which needs to respond effectively and promptly to the requirements coming from different industries.

BITXml is an open communications protocol dedicated to M2M. Released as an open (public) XML-based (Extensible Markup Language) protocol, BITXml can be freely adopted by anyone is interested to use it and, thanks to its extensible architecture, it will be able to grow and evolve according to the well known open-source model.

About Your Voice S.p.A.
Your Voice S.p.A. is an Italian company with a leadership position in the provision of services and solutions for automatic multichannel communications. Its mission is the improvement of outbound/inbound communications processes between companies and their customers. Founded by Italian business people and financed by prestigious institutional investors at an international level, Your Voice facilitates the introduction of new instruments for interactive one-to-one relationships with the clientele. Your Voice, which has been operating in the area of multichannel communications since 1999, has recently extended its range of services to include the promising machine-to-machine (M2M) market, introducing BITX, a specialised middleware for the development of remote operation and data acquisition, using both LAN and wireless infrastructure.