Hunt Engineering Unveils Virtex-4 HERON FPGA Module

Hunt Engineering has released the HERON-FPGA14 module, which is the latest in a range of HERON modules with Xilinx Virtex-4(tm) FPGA.

The HERON-FPGA14 offers a choice of either a Virtex-4 LX or Virtex-4 SX both with 180 user programmable digital I/Os and 128Mbytes off-chip DDR memory. The LX platform of the Virtex-4 is the highest logic and I/O to feature ratio FPGA, while the SX platform has the highest DSP and memory to feature ratio. HERON-FPGA14 is ideal for hardware signal processing or for flexible digital I/O.

Together with the recently released HERON-FPGA12 which has a Virtex-4 FX with embedded PowerPC, HERON modules now offer each of the Virtex-4 platforms. Developers can configure a system highly optimised to the demands of their applications. Modules with Virtex-4 offer the opportunity to use FPGA technology for many complex high performance DSP challenges and a wide range of I/O standards. As with all HERON-FPGA modules, Hunt includes VHDL IP for many commonly used functions for the Virtex-4(tm) range to speed the development process.

The HERON modular system allows the developer to combine any of these Virtex-4 modules or to combine them with any other HERON I/O or DSP modules to build a powerful system with endless possibilities. Hunt Engineering’s HEART communications system enables data-passing in real time between the modules at up to 400Mbytes per second in each direction. Equally, any HERON module can be used standalone. HERON systems can be used embedded, mounted in a host machine or connected to a PC via USB.

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