Free Download for xfy Enterprise Solution for IBM DB2 9

Justsystems Corporation (Jasdaq: 4686), the largest independent software provider in Japan, announced that xfy Enterprise Solution for IBM DB2 9, the XML information solutions builder, is being made available in a trial version prior to the general release of the product scheduled for later this year. This downloadable package is made available to developers, system integrators, and enterprise customers to use without license charges for a three-month trial period.

xfy Enterprise Solution enables employees and customers to bridge the various information silos they need to access and update inside and outside of their organization. For example, an organization may need to bring together financial information from its sales force automation system, and the corporate financial system, and also combine this with information published through a web service for analysis and update.

xfy Enterprise Solution allows organizations to build and deploy such solutions more easily and with greater functionality by using xfy visual tools and interfaces, smart XML vocabulary handling, and by separating the visual presentation from logic. The visual presentation is controlled by the end users who can easily customize it according to their individual information needs further reducing their demands on IT.

“The Internet has changed the face of business, offering an immediate channel for conducting transactions and communicating with customers, distribution channels, and trading partners,” said Bob Picciano, vice president IBM software sales. “The combined solutions of Justsystems’ xfy and IBM DB2 9 can provide critical information about customer and partner interactions, orders, trades, contracts, and quotes that flow in and out of dynamic, externally facing systems.”

When combined with IBM DB2 Express-C, Justsystems’ xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 9 offers:

  • Visual design of XML information to meet the needs of individual users
  • Unlimited compounding and nesting of XML vocabularies
  • Ease of database application creation and operation

About the xfy Trial Download Offer
This trial period of xfy Enterprise Solution for IBM DB9 commences after the user downloads and installs the software. Self service technical support and product information is available online. No support service is provided. xfy community does not guarantee to provide full and complete information for troubleshooting. Please refer to the download site for details.

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