Acrosser Networking Products Ship with Bypass LAN Function

The technology of Bypass LAN with Watchdog Timer is now embedded in Acrosser’s newly released networking products, AR-M9936 and AR-M9942. On the strength of the technology, the Acrosser Networking Product Line can be more powerful and complete, and even more suitable to a variety of networking customer applications.

With the Bypass function, two PCs, which are connected through the LAN ports of the AR-M9936 / AR-M9942, will individually be bypassed or linked to each other if the system hangs or powers off. This allows the two PCs (referencing PC1 and PC2 in the figure) to continue to communicate over the LAN despite an AR-M9936 / AR-M9942 failure.

AR-M9936 / AR-M9942 with Bypass LAN with Watchdog Timer

By sending high-low signals to the Watchdog Timer (WDT) port, the WDT can be enabled under the “Normal State”. If there is no “Reload WDT” command sent to the WDT port, as the timer times-out, the entire system will go to a Bypass State. Once the system is powered up or reset, the bypass LAN will revert to its Normal State and WDT will be disabled and set to its initial setting. This is how the WDT controls the Bypass LAN function. Of course, software can also be programmed to take charge the Bypass function to Force Bypass or Force Normal State of the LAN port.

Nowadays, more and more people are asking for the Bypass LAN function for networking applications. We hope everyone who reads this article can learn and grow with us together. For more information, please contact, we will be glad to help you with.

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