RIOLAB Ready for RapidIO Interoperability Testing

RIOLABTM Corporation, the world’s first RapidIO(R) Interoperability testing facility, commenced full operations and started accepting reservations for test sessions from vendors and OEMs involved in RapidIO-based product development. To facilitate access to RIOLAB, an inclusive and easy-to-navigate web site was introduced today. Launched by Tundra Semiconductor in February 2006, RIOLAB is a state-of-the-art testing facility that provides the RapidIO ecosystem with device interoperability and specification compliance testing.

“As the impetus behind the development of RIOLAB, we are delighted to see vendors and OEMs supporting the important interoperability test capabilities RIOLAB offers,” said Tom Wilson, director of product marketing at Tundra Semiconductor. “Since February, RIOLAB has made tremendous progress from establishing a state-of-the-art facility backed by a Qualified Vendor Program, to the development of an informative web site, to commencement of operations. This facility is already proving its value to the RapidIO ecosystem as vendors and OEMs drive their products to market.”

RIOLAB’s Qualified Vendor Program (QVP) ensures the lab utilizes the most advanced equipment available to perform interoperability and specification compliance testing. The first Qualified Vendors include Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation, Nexus Technology, Silicon Turnkey Express (STx), and Tektronix. Each of these vendors has contributed hardware or software and has demonstrated compliance to the RapidIO specification. In addition, these vendors have agreed to work with RIOLAB to provide any upgrades or new products, ensuring that the lab is always using state-of-the-art technology.

Interoperability Tests
RIOLAB is designed around graduated levels of interoperability that align with both the RapidIO specification and the needs of silicon vendors and OEMs. The interoperability tests build on the RapidIO Trade Association’s Device Interoperability and Certification Checklists, which were developed for ecosystem members. Currently tests are available for Device Interoperability Levels – DIL-1 and DIL-2, with DIL-3 scheduled to be available in November 2006. RIOLAB will continue to add to its capabilities as the market develops, testing needs mature and the specification evolves.

Booking a Test Session
Information on the testing process and requirements, test checklists, and RIOLAB’s QVP can be found on the newly launched web site. Vendors interested in RapidIO interoperability testing and booking a test reservation can contact RIOLAB by either calling +613-591-0446, sending an email or faxing their test reservation request to +613-591-6593.

About RIOLAB Web Site
The RIOLAB web site was designed as an important tool for vendors and OEMs to provide general facts about RIOLAB, as well as detailed data on Interoperability Testing including the Test Flow, Test Process, Test Level Definitions, and Reporting. In addition, site visitors can gain information on the latest news and developments at the lab as well as information on the lab’s Qualified Vendors.

About RIOLAB Corporation
RIOLAB is a state-of-the-art RapidIO interoperability testing facility that provides device interoperability and specification compliance reports that meet the growing needs of silicon vendors and OEMs designing with RapidIO technology.

About the RapidIO Standard
RapidIO is an established, scalable, open-standard, switched fabric, designed by the leaders in embedded computing specifically to deliver the reliability, cost-effectiveness, performance and scalability required by OEMs building equipment in the wireless infrastructure, edge networking, storage, scientific, military and industrial markets. The standard is supported by a technology roadmap closely attuned to the changes affecting embedded infrastructure designers. A wide range of RapidIO products are currently available including: semiconductors (DSPs, Communications Controllers, Switches, FPGAs, ASIC Library Support), software (Processor and DSP RTOS Support), boards and modules (ATCA Carrier Cards, AMC Modules for DSPs, Processors) and FPGAs. As products proliferate, OEMs expect RapidIO Trade Association members to ensure interoperability so they can design systems with certainty.

About The RapidIO Trade Association
The RapidIO Trade Association and its global members drive the RapidIO interconnect architecture. This ISO-certified, open-standard seamlessly enables the chip-to-chip, board-to-board, control, backplane and data plane interconnections needed in high-performance networking, communications and embedded systems. The growth of the RapidIO ecosystem in 2005 seeded deployment of RapidIO technology in next generation wireless infrastructure, edge networking and military systems. Over 2006, the deployment of RapidIO will be furthered through RapidIO Trade Association initiatives including interoperability, interworking, the next Generation PHY Release, and system-level application demonstrations.

RIOLAB and the RIOLAB logo are trademarks of RIOLAB Corporation (Canada, U.S. and U.K.). RapidIO is a registered trademark of the RapidIO Trade Association, Inc.