Macraigor Offers USB 2.0 On-Chip Debug Support for Freescale ColdFire

Macraigor Systems LLC today announced support for Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.’s ColdFire family of 32-bit microprocessors. Debugging and control of these processors will be supported by Macraigor’s usb2Demon background debug mode (BDM) interface device for ColdFire Version 2, 3, and 4 cores. Macraigor’s OCDemon family of products offer the industry’s most advanced price-sensitive, solution for designing, debugging and programming embedded hardware and application software.

Macraigor has added support for the Freescale ColdFire processor family to their free, pre-built GNU tools and has included sample configurations for most standard Freescale ColdFire evaluation boards. These examples contain source, gdbinit and make files for each board, allowing developers to quickly build, download and debug via GDB. Macraigor has committed to supporting future ColdFire family variants as they become available.

Macraigor's usbDemon

In addition, Macraigor’s Flash Programmer is updated to support the ColdFire family, providing BDM-based in-circuit flash programming of both internal ColdFire Flash and externally-connected devices.

Advanced, Price-Sensitive Embedded Debug Solution
Macraigor’s debug solutions include a broad range of hardware interface devices and application programs. These provide embedded systems engineers with a high degree of flexibility in selecting a host interface and an appropriate price/performance ratio for their embedded projects. Hardware debug devices are available with parallel, serial, USB or Ethernet connectivity to both Windows and Linux host machines.

Debug application programs are available to support an embedded project through the entire development cycle, from troubleshooting a prototype hardware design to writing and debugging boot code, programming in-circuit Flash devices, developing application-level software and supporting manufacturing burn-in and testing.

“The Freescale ColdFire architecture is designed to enable manufacturers of audio, video, graphics and communications products to meet and exceed users’ price/performance demands,” said Craig Haller, chief engineer at Macraigor Systems. “The OCDemon technology is a proven on-chip debug solution that will help to accelerate our customers’ development of real-time processing applications.”

Pricing & Availability
ColdFire usb2Demon is immediately available starting at $750 USD. Available free on the Macraigor website is a version of OCDRemote, allowing users to use other versions of the GNU toolset with Macraigor’s hardware.

About Macraigor Systems
Macraigor Systems LLC is a leading supplier of boundary scan-based hardware debug and BDM/JTAG connection solutions for on-chip debugging of 32 and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. Macraigor Systems’ solutions are designed for price-sensitive customers. These solutions include a suite of software tools that support Windows 9x, NT, ME, XP, 2000 and Linux host systems. Macraigor Systems supports all major embedded microprocessor architectures, including AMD, ARM, CPU32/ColdFire, PowerPC, MIPS and the XScale microarchitecture.

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