Inphi Debuts Low-Cost Plastic Package Differential Encoders

Honoring its commitment to provide the greatest breadth and depth of high-speed precision analog components, Inphi(R) Corporation today introduced Differential Encoders in low-cost quad flat no-lead (QFN) plastic package. The 13650DE and 13651DE are single-chip Differential Phase Shift Keying (DPSK) or Duobinary encoders that operate up to 12.5Gbps.

Designed to meet the demands of telecommunications systems and transponders, Inphi’s Differential Encoders provide substantial signal integrity ensuring the highest performance in a wide range of designs. The 13650DE and 13651DE are qualified and are compliant with JESD 47 as well as Telcordia GR-357-Core. For the price sensitive higher volume communications equipment market the QFN family offers greater price reductions with volume than is possible with metal or ceramic packages.

Inphi Corporation is positioned to meet the performance needs of telecom customers and other players in this growing market. By creating a group of solutions that work together, the company provides customers with the flexibility to quickly adapt solutions based on end-customers’ applications.

“The low-cost QFN Differential Encoders meet an important need in the design of modules and line-cards that are flexible enough to meet the complex and continually changing needs of the telecommunications marketplace,” said Kevin Nary, vice president of engineering for Inphi Corporation. “Our customers tell us that our family of differential encoders are a primary example of Inphi’s commitment to setting industry standards in integrated circuit performance.”

13650DE and 13651DE Differential Encoder Features:

  • Single chip design allows engineers to incorporate DPSK / Duobinary with the industry’s smallest footprint solution
  • 3.3V supply (choice of positive or negative) enables reliable interfacing to a variety of logic levels
  • Performs from 1 Gbps to 12.5Gbps – with extremely low jitter – ensuring flexibility in design and application
  • Provides customers with the option of using either single-ended or differential inputs for the clock and data
  • > 300-degree input phase margin eases design by allowing a large window where the clock and data can be misaligned
  • Large output swing of 1.2Vpp differential enables it to interface to a variety of drivers
  • Fast rise and fall times produce a cleaner and wide-open eye with better signal integrity
  • Pin to pin compatible to the 13600DF and 13601DF for NRZ transmission format

Inphi Corporation’s 13650DE/13651DE and 13600DE/13601DE parts are available immediately. Initial pricing is expected to be $127 per part in quantities of 100. Volume discounts are available.

About Inphi Corporation
Founded in November 2000, Inphi Corporation delivers high-speed precision analog components that provide connectivity to the physical domain. The company’s solutions optimize power, performance, and size, enabling customers to build the world’s highest performance, most cost-competitive telecommunications, data communications, and instrumentation systems. Inphi is a privately company based in Westlake Village, California.