DECOMSYS DESIGNER PRO Eases FlexRay Network Design

From evaluation and prototyping projects over pre-development to series projects – the new tool family DESIGNER PRO supports all engineers to fulfill their project goals. FlexRay evaluators choose DESIGNER PRO<LIGHT>, whereas OEMs and suppliers cover their specific needs along the common workflow split with DESIGNER PRO<SYSTEM> resp. DESIGNER PRO<ECU>. A consistent upgrade path protects any investment in this FlexRay tool family. The entire DESIGNER PRO tool family is now available.

All variants and the overall DESIGNER PRO benefit from key advantages, such as:

  • High usability, e.g., by means of a workflow guidance system
  • Support of all available FlexRay controllers
  • Support of AUTOSAR methods and concepts
  • Integration into existing design flows
  • Expandability

High usability – workflow guidance system
Step by step, the engineer develops his FlexRay design, essentially supported by the workflow guidance system. Thus, the engineer always exactly understands both the global context and the individual step. No design step will be forgotten. Smart display and filter methods help to reduce the complexity of designing FlexRay. Furthermore “wizards” are available, e.g., for scheduling and configuring parameters. For series development projects, the workflow split between OEMs and suppliers is fully supported.

FlexRay Controller Support
Many semiconductor companies offer or plan to offer FlexRay in their portfolio. Therefore, it is vital for the engineer that the design tool supports all relevant controllers. Due to the DECOMSYS CSM (Controller Support Module) concept, the engineer is on the safe side. By integrating the CSM in the design tool as a plug-in, all the technically relevant information, e.g., buffer layout, rules for configuration parameter, etc., are available and ready for the design task. The CSM concept ensures that controllers, which will be launched in the coming years, can also be easily integrated in the DESIGNER PRO.

At the moment, following controllers are supported:

  • BOSCH E-Ray Beta und E-Ray 1.0
  • Freescale MC9S12XFR128, MPC5567, MFR4200-Standalone, MFR4300-Standalone)
  • FUJITSU MB88121, MB88121A
  • Infineon SAK-CIC310-OSMX2HT AA
  • NEC Phoenix FS ES1.0, Phoenix FS ES2.0
  • Philips SJA2510 N1A, SJA2510 N1B
  • RENESAS M32C E-Ray Beta

The DESIGNER PRO tool family is prepared for AUTOSAR. This is a further milestone protecting any investment in the DECOMSYS FlexRay network design tools.

Design Integration
Owing to FIBEX, BOR, and xCDEF interfaces, the DESIGNER PRO can be integrated hassle-free into existing design flows as a first FlexRay series project has already proven.

If, e.g., OEMs have specific requirements such as specific task and scheduling algorithms, the DESIGNER PRO FlexRay design tools can be easily expanded accordingly. In addition, the field of application can be extended by plug-ins, e.g. for gateway configuration.

The Product Family
From evaluation projects up to the most complex series project, the engineer can design the needed FlexRay systems with the DESIGNER PRO tool family. So it’s simple to pick the right tool for each project size:

  • Starting out with the DESIGNER PRO<LIGHT>, the engineers have all the possibilities evaluating FlexRay and its potential as well as researching prototypes. This tool is limited only in terms of the quantity of frame triggerings and signals that can be managed.
  • For bigger projects, the tool can be easily expanded into DESIGNER PRO<ECU>, DESIGNER PRO<SYSTEM>, or DESIGNER PRO.
  • According to the given workflow split in the automotive industry, OEMs design the global network data with DESIGNER PRO<SYSTEM> and pass on this data to its suppliers.
  • The data is then imported by the supplier into the DESIGNER PRO<ECU> which further supports the development engineer in designing the needed FlexRay system.

For top-down design projects, DECOMSYS offers the DESIGNER PRO, combining both variants, <ECU> and <SYSTEM>.

DECOMSYS – Your FlexRay and AUTOSAR Partner
DECOMSYS GmbH is the leading solutions provider for FlexRay, the coming communication standard for automotive electronics, and AUTOSAR.

FlexRay enables new features and applications for more safety, economy, fun, and comfort in the car. Engineers at OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers around the world use DECOMSYS design tools, monitoring solutions, and prototyping hardware. They also count on the comprehensive services, e.g. engineering, trainings, chip design, testing, and customized software development.

As an active member of both the FlexRay Consortium and AUTOSAR, DECOMSYS is especially proud to be a basic software provider for the first FlexRay series projects.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, DECOMSYS has a subsidiary in Germany, the USA, and soon in Japan.