AXIOMTEK Unveils Ultra Low Power 3.5-inch Fanless Embedded SBC

AXIOMTEK, a leading company of Applied Computing Platforms (ACP) provider, announced an ultra low power 3.5-inch embedded SBC, which featured AMD Geode(TM) LX processor below 1 watt, named SBC84620. The board can support both LX800 500MHz processor and LX700 433MHz processor and full feature I/Os. It is an ideal entry level PC-based embedded platform and be able to be fanless operation for industrial applications. Besides, we offer two boards, SBC84620 and SBC84621, with various combinations for user’s selection.

SBC84620 and SBC84621 are fully optimized to provide an outstanding embedded computing platform with such compact-size form factor. These boards indeed improved the computing performance compared with the former SBC84500/SBC84510 boards with AMD GX1 processor. SBC84620 and SBC84621 adopt the latest AMD Geode(TM) LX 800 processor and LX 700 processor which deliver the most performance per watt in the industry today, providing x86 power and versatility to applications for entertainment, business, education, and embedded markets. The boards deliver longer battery life and enables small form-factor designs for customer’s embedded devices.

Moreover, their new integrated graphic controller, 4 COM, 4 USB 2.0 ports and 1GB DDR memory features empower the system value without extra development cost. In the meanwhile, for the expansion interface, SBC84620 and SBC84621 provide both PCI with Mini PCI socket and ISA bus through PC/104 interfaces.

“The extremely compact size embedded SBCs, SBC84620 and SBC84621, deliver balanced performance at lower power for value, embedded applications, and further extending battery life for mobile applications, while delivering full x86 functionality” said Joseph Chou, Product Manager of AXIOMTEK’s Embedded Computing Division. “With the new AMD GeodeTM LX processors, these two boards designed to enable developers to quickly create embedded or industrial computing products easily.”

Additionally, SBC84620 and SBC84621 give the best TCO (Total-Cost-of-Ownership) for system design due to DDR memory supported. Other rich I/O features include dual Fast Ethernet, AC’97 Audio, TTL LCD or LVDS LCD, Digital I/O and CompactFlashTM Type-II socket.

This astonishing solution will be available in the end of August 2006. For more information or pricing, please contact your territory sales representative or

Ordering Information

Models CPU LCD LAN Audio COM PC/104 D I/O
SBC84620VEEA-500 LX800 CRT/TTL 2 Yes 4 Yes 8-in & 8-out
SBC84620VEA-500 LX800 CRT/TTL 1 Yes 4 Yes 8-in & 8-out
SBC84620VEE-500 LX800 CRT/TTL 2 N/A 2 N/A 3-in & 5-out
SBC84620VEA-433 LX700 CRT/TTL 1 Yes 4 N/A 8-in & 8-out
SBC84621VEEA-500 LX800 CRT/LVDS 2 Yes 4 Yes 8-in & 8-out
SBC84621VEA-500 LX800 CRT/LVDS 1 Yes 4 Yes 8-in & 8-out
SBC84621VEE-500 LX800 CRT/LVDS 2 N/A 2 N/A 3-in & 5-out
SBC84621VEA-433 LX700 CRT/LVDS 1 Yes 4 N/A 8-in & 8-out

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