VaST Unifies Embedded System Design Flow with 1-SOURCE Initiative

VaST Systems Technology Corporation-powering embedded design innovation-today announced the 1-SOURCE initiative to unify the embedded system design flow. 1-SOURCE unifies the flow with a single standards-compliant, high-speed, cycle-accurate virtual processor model integrated with a series of standards-based virtual system prototyping technologies and third-party tool interfaces.

A major barrier to the adoption of virtual system prototypes (VSPs) has been the difficulty and complexity of making them work in the larger design flow. One root cause of complexity is the large number of processor model abstraction types, each with different timing, performance and functionality characteristics. Processor model abstraction types include programmers view (PV), programmers view with timing (PVT) and cycle-accurate view (CA). Thus a design having three unique cores would require development and maintenance of an overwhelming nine processor models-plus the numerous transaction interfaces required to handle communication between the different types of models.

The 1-SOURCE initiative solves this complexity problem with a series of innovative standards-based technologies and third-party tool interfaces. The 1-SOURCE initiative is defined by five major deliverables:

  1. High-speed, cycle-accurate processor modeling technology enabling a single 1-SOURCE model to deliver accuracy and performance superior to the hybrid PV, PVT, CA approach. The same 1-SOURCE model can be used for architecture, software, and hardware development. Status – delivered.
  2. Native OSCI 1666 SystemC support enabling standards-based interoperability and high performance simulation. Status – delivered.
  3. Standards-based communication model support that allows high performance simulations using protocol-agnostic transaction models such as OCP-IP TL2 and GreensocsT/ GreenbusT. VaST is an active member of both organizations and has significant experience and intellectual property in this area. Status – in progress.
  4. Third-party tools interfaces that allow customers to use virtual system prototypes with proprietary and 3rd party models and tools (such as The Mathworks SimulinkR and HDL models) and third party SystemC simulators. Status – in progress.
  5. Deploying VaST’s innovative, high speed and cycle-accurate processor modeling technology to processor intellectual property (IP) companies for their own development and deployment of 1-SOURCE virtual processor models. Status – in progress.

“The 1-SOURCE initiative defines a new standards-based performance point for virtual system prototyping solutions. As a result of working closely with architects, hardware and software designers on leading embedded system design projects, the elements of 1-SOURCE are forged from real customer design activity,” said Jeff Roane, director of marketing at VaST.

“We are deeply committed to furthering the productivity of our customers through compliance to standards and opening our modeling and simulation technology to users. The marketplace will continue to see a series of actions from VaST that support the 1-SOURCE initiative,” commented Alain Labat, VaST President and CEO.

About VaST
VaST Systems Technology Corporation solutions enable the creation of a virtual system prototype-a cycle-accurate software model of a system that operates at near real-time speeds under actual software loads. VaST’s solutions are OSCI SystemC-compliant and are used for architecture, hardware and software design. VaST solutions dramatically improve time to market and quality while reducing development costs and risk. Current customers include worldwide leaders in semiconductors, automotive electronics, wireless devices, and consumer electronics. VaST is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with sales and support offices worldwide.