SL, RTI to Offer Enterprise RTView to Data Distribution Service Users

SL Corporation and Real-Time Innovations (RTI) today announced a partnership to provide SL’s Enterprise RTView data visualization solution to RTI Data Distribution Service users. RTI will now distribute Enterprise RTView, which has been extended to connect directly to RTI Data Distribution Service. With Enterprise RTView, RTI users can create and deploy web-enabled custom displays, real-time dashboards and dynamic reports driven by data already available in their RTI-based applications.

RTI Data Distribution Service is networking middleware that implements a real-time publish-subscribe communications model and allows distributed processes to share data without concern for the physical location or architecture of their peers.

“RTI is the ideal partner for SL,” said Thomas Lubinski, president and CEO of SL Corporation. “We share similar business philosophies, such as a commitment to meeting the high-performance, real-time solution needs of world leaders in defense and aerospace. This partnership demonstrates the commitment of two leaders in real-time technology working together to deliver an unparalleled solution to the marketplace.”

“RTI evaluated a number of data visualization solution providers,” said Joe Schlesselman, director of Business Development at RTI. “SL’s focus on real-time performance—combined with its 23-year record of success providing real-time solutions to leaders in transportation, defense, aerospace and industrial automation—assured us that this would be a lasting partnership with measurable value to RTI customers.”

About RTI Data Distribution Service
RTI Data Distribution Service provides a high-performance solution for sharing real-time data across a distributed system. By isolating application software from the underlying architecture, RTI Data Distribution Service provides a powerful integration framework for large, dynamic distributed systems. Fully standards-compliant, it is the world’s most widely used implementation of the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Real-Time Data Distribution Service (DDS).

About Enterprise RTView
SL Enterprise RTView is a powerful, flexible data visualization solution. It performs real-time monitoring of business, operations and IT data and enables the rapid development of customized dashboards with no programming required.

Pricing & Availability
Enterprise RTView for RTI Data Distribution Service is immediately available from RTI starting at $8,600 USD.

The DDS-compliant RTI Data Distribution Service is available today for Windows, Linux, Solaris, Wind River Systems VxWorks, LynuxWorks LynxOS and Green Hills Software INTEGRITY operating systems. Development licenses begin at $49,600 USD, which also includes two days of training and one year of maintenance and support.

About SL Corporation
Since 1983, SL Corporation has provided an open business information delivery platform empowering decision makers with mission critical information. Companies leverage the SL platform to deliver powerful real-time business intelligence, infrastructure/application monitoring, and graphic design and application development functionality to their users. SL has issued more than 75,000 licenses for our platform in every vertical industry, including manufacturing, energy/utilities financial services, telecommunications, defense/aerospace, technology and transportation. SL Corporation can be reached at (415) 927-8400.

About RTI
Real-Time Innovations (RTI) supplies middleware and distributed data management solutions for real-time systems. With innovative technology and deep expertise in distributed applications, RTI provides an unequaled competitive advantage to customers developing systems that benefit from high-performance access to time-critical data. RTI solutions have been deployed in a broad range of applications including command and control, intelligence, surveillance, data fusion, simulation, industrial control, air traffic control, railway management, roadway traffic monitoring and multimedia communications. Founded in 1991, RTI is privately held and headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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