Mercury Computer, PACS Vendors Sign Strategic Agreements

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) announced strategic agreements with three partners, confirming its top position in the PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) market. The most recent agreements include contracts with FPS in France, Color Printer Systems (CPS) in Germany, and Medical Imaging PACS PTY LTD in Australia. This expands Mercury’s cooperation with leading medical OEMs, and its PACS installation base to more than 1,000 sites worldwide.

“We have thoroughly tested and integrated the web-based Mercury Visage(TM) PACS in our product portfolio,” said Daniel Urbain, CEO of PACS partner FPS in Paris, France. “Visage PACS will replace our previous solution, as its architecture offers considerable advantages. Web-based image distribution enables immediate access to medical imaging data throughout the entire hospital. What’s more, 3D functionalities can be utilized directly from the PACS. Since modalities such as multi-slice CT scanners generate an enormous volume of data, flexible integration in a 3D-based platform is the optimal solution for us.”

Mercury and its PACS partners provide hospitals with highly integrated solutions that span the diagnostic workflow and significantly accelerate the processing of ever-larger amounts of medical imaging data. Medical OEMs can integrate the Mercury Visage 3D to the Core platform into their solutions, and with thin-client technology, the Visage product family enables instant accessibility to 2D and 3D image data across all hospital departments. This reduces treatment time for patients and optimizes the productivity of diagnostic personnel.

In Australia, the teleradiology area is a fast growing market,” emphasized Dr. Thomas Vargoczky, CEO of Medical Imaging PACS Pty Ltd in Brisbane. “We’ve chosen Visage PACS, since its web-based technology ideally supports the requirements of teleradiology.” Teleradiology is the electronic transmission of digital radiological images, such as X-rays, CT and MRI scans, for the purposes of interpretation and/or consultation. As images are sometimes transmitted over great distances through standard telephone lines, satellite connections, or wide area networks (WANs), Visage helps to ensure successful, expedient transmission while maintaining image integrity.

Mercury offers its partners a smooth transition and flexible integration into the Visage platform. “With our more than 20 years of computing expertise and innovation in diagnostic medical imaging, we can deliver a solution tailored to the infrastructure of our respective partners,” said Marcelo Lima, Vice President of Commercial Imaging and Visualization at Mercury Computer Systems. “Together with our partners, we help to deliver optimized systems quickly to the market that significantly accelerate the entire diagnostic workflow.”

Mercury has fully integrated its web-based Visage PACS software with the Visage CS Thin Client/Server 3D visualization system, enabling users to seamlessly utilize the 3D functionality of Visage CS within the workflow of Visage PACS. Clinicians and radiologists can access MIP/MPR, volume rendering, and other advanced 3D viewing, navigation, and measurement functions for diagnostics directly within the PACS workflow.

With Visage CS 2.0, Visage PACS becomes a high-performance 3D diagnostic engine, enabling fast 3D viewing and post-processing anywhere in the hospital. Visage CS Thin Client/Server is a truly scalable and reliable image management system, supporting virtually unlimited numbers of users everywhere in the hospital and at remote sites.

For more information on the Mercury Visage product family and 3D to the Core platform, call (866) 627-6951.

About Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) is the leading supplier of high-performance embedded, real-time digital signal and image processing computer systems. Mercury’s products play a critical role in a wide range of applications, transforming sensor data to information for analysis and interpretation. In military reconnaissance and surveillance platforms, the Company’s systems process real-time radar, sonar, and signals intelligence data. Mercury’s systems are also used in state-of-the-art medical diagnostic imaging devices including MRI, PET, and digital X-ray, and in semiconductor imaging applications including photomask generation and wafer inspection. Mercury provides advanced 3D image processing and visualization software and optimized systems to diverse end markets including life sciences, geosciences, and simulation. The Company also provides radio frequency (RF) products for enhanced communications capabilities in military and commercial applications. Based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Mercury serves customers in North America, Europe and Asia through its direct sales force and a network of subsidiaries and distributors.

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