Nucleus FILE Supports Coexisting Multiple Formats and Device Drivers

Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced new features added to the Nucleus(r) FILE file management software including support for coexisting multiple file system formats and device drivers using the same application programming interfaces (APIs). Developers can now reduce costly development time by building embedded storage systems that quickly and easily incorporate multiple file system formats and device drivers using the same file application.

There is increasing demand for embedded devices to support multiple file system formats and access different media storage devices such as an Integrated Drive Electronics/Advanced Technology Attachment (IDE/ATA) hard driver, a secure digital (SD) card, CDROM and resident flash. The Nucleus FILE software meets the above demand with its layered and modular design that easily scales from simple data storage to complex multi-device systems with several file system formats. With this new file architecture, applications do not need to be rewritten as new storage technology becomes available; and new and custom file system formats and devices can be easily added and managed in the file system through the simple and consistent API. For example, developers can plug in their own proprietary flash file system into a standard compliant file system, such as a File Allocation Table (FAT) file system format. This allows access to residential flash devices without changing Nucleus FILE system APIs.

“The new features supported by the Nucleus FILE software allow developers greater flexibility to build scalable embedded file systems supporting standard-compliant and proprietary file formats without adding application development complexity,” said Glen Johnson, product marketing manager, Embedded Systems Division, Mentor Graphics.

One of the third-party file system options supported by the Nucleus FILE software is Datalight Reliance, a fault-tolerant file system built on a unique transactional system which protects the user and meta data in the event of a power loss or other interruption. “With Reliance, Datalight provides users of the Nucleus FILE software with bullet-proof data integrity in addition to the flexibility and outstanding functionality of the Nucleus FILE software,” said Cortney Jacobsen, product marketing manager for Datalight. “Nucleus customers have been using our FlashFX Pro intelligent flash translation layer in combination with the Nucleus FILE software for years. The ability to add Reliance will offer users unparalleled performance and data security.”

The Nucleus FILE software comprises a file and directory management API, file system and device driver framework. The Nucleus FILE software API provides a common interface for the user application to communicate with the underlying file system formats and device drivers. The Nucleus FILE system supports standard-compliant file system formats such as MS-DOS, which is often referred to as a FAT file system, and ISO9660(tm) file system that includes level 1 and level 2, as well as Joliet extension support for CDROM.

Pricing and Availability
The Nucleus embedded software is sold in source code format and without royalty fees. Licenses for the Nucleus FILE software begin at U.S. $5,995 and licenses for the device driver begin at U.S. $1,995. The Nucleus FILE software is backward compatible with previous versions. For more information, please contact Mentor Graphics embedded systems division at 800-468-6853 or by email.

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