Swinyard1 Virtex-4 FPGA Development Module

Offering a cost effective VirtexTM-4 FPGA development solution the Swinyard1 module expands the capabilities of Enterpoint’s FPGA development boards. With a high bandwidth and large pin count I/O interface, the module can substantially enhance the performance and functionality of a Broaddown development board to support high logic count and DSP FPGA designs.

The new Swinyard1 module from Midlands based electronics design consultancy Enterpoint Limited is a compact module with a 800 pin connection to its host development board. Fitting onto the solderless Moel-Bryn socket the Swinyard1 offers a VirtexTM-4 FPGA solution for high logic count designs and DSP processing solutions. One of the features of the Moel-Bryn socket is the ability to reconfigure the module whilst the host development board continues processing. This feature allows the Swinyard1 to be used as a re-programmable co-processor offering a wide range of application support.

Swinyard1 is available with a choice of 6 different Xilinx VirtexTM-4 FPGA’s and can be fitted with LX40, LX60, LX80, LX100, LX160, or SX55 devices. The SX55 Swinyard option is aimed at the digital signal processing market encompassing video, radar, sonar and telecoms. The LX40-160 options are aimed at high performance logic including ASIC prototyping and system modelling. Both the higher end LX160 and SX55 come with 2 banks of up to 512 megabit DDR2 DRAM fitted.

“The Swinyard1 module is an exciting addition to our product portfolio and has been designed in response to customer demand for the latest and fastest FPGA technology implementing the VirtexTM-4 family,” explains John Adair, technical director at Enterpoint. “It enhances our existing range and in particular enhances the capabilities of our Broaddown2 and Broaddown4 development boards.”

Available now, the Swinyard1 modules will be priced from £1,000, US$1,900, €1,500. For further information, please contact swinyard1@enterpoint.co.uk

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