pure::variants v2.2 Variant Management Tool

pure::variants, the leading toolset for software variant management, has had another major upgrade. The focus for the new pure::variants v2.2 release has been on providing improved usability, better performance and better support for maintaining high quality variant models. As a result v2.2 includes many new functions in comparison to previous releases and so represents a significant advance over previous releases. Consequently, pure::variants expanding user base, much of which helped beta test the new release, is expected to adopt the new software in the very near future.

pure-systems GmbH, the toolset’s developer, has also taken the opportunity to improve and extend the product’s documentation, and to provide additional tool tutorials to help product evaluators and new users to see the benefits of comprehensive variant management as quickly as possible. Free Community and Developer Evaluation editions of v2.2 are also downloadable from the Software Acumen website to assist in this task.