Programmable USB Connected Virtex-4 FM FPGA System

The latest system in Hunt Engineering’s Ready-to-Go range is a Virtex-4 FX system.

The RTG006 is a complete system which combines FPGA hardware with a programmable PowerPC, ideal for embedded processing and serial connectivity. The Virtex-4(tm) FPGA offers twice the performance density while requiring less than half the power consumption of previous generation devices. RTG006 also has 128Mbytes DDR SDRAM. VHDL support for connecting the DDR memory to the embedded PowerPC and the VHDL design at the same time is included in the system package. The system also comes supplied with an example to use as a quick starting point to write and build embedded PowerPC C code. RTG006 is ideal for users who want to learn about using FPGA and embedded PowerPC but also for more experienced developers who need a low-cost easy-to-use solution to their hardware requirements.

The system can be used standalone or connected to a PC via high-speed USB 2.0 and is supplied complete with USB cable, I/O cables, mains Power Supply Unit plus a CD with all documentation, tutorials, software tools and examples for a price of only £1600.

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